$500 electricity rebate NSW 2024 – Check Eligibility and Payment dates

$500 electricity rebate in NSW is a government initiative for providing financial relief to eligible households and small businesses by reducing their energy bills. This program targets low-income households, pensioners, and small businesses struggling with high energy costs, helping to improve their quality of life and economic stability. By easing the financial burden of electricity bills, the rebate ensures essential services remain affordable.

  • The rebate is part of a government initiative to reduce energy bills.
  • Eligibility criteria include low-income households, pensioners, and small businesses.
  • The application process varies depending on the type of energy customer.
  • Payments are generally made in quarterly installments.

What is the $500 Electricity Rebate in NSW?

  • Purpose of the rebate: To provide financial support for reducing energy costs.
  • Government bodies involved: NSW Government and Australian Government.
  • Financial year applicability: The rebate is applicable for the financial year 2023-2024.
PurposeFinancial support for reducing energy costs
Government bodies involvedNSW Government and Australian Government
Financial year applicability2023-2024

Eligibility Criteria for Households

Details on who qualifies for the rebate.

  • Types of eligible households: Includes low-income households, pensioners, and those with certain concession cards.
  • Specific eligibility requirements: Must hold a valid concession card such as a Low Income Health Care Card or be a Carer Allowance recipient.
  • Documentation needed for eligibility: Proof of eligibility via concession cards or related documentation.
Eligible HouseholdsDocumentation Required
Low-income householdsLow Income Health Care Card
PensionersPension Concession Card
Carer Allowance recipientsProof of Carer Allowance
VeteransDepartment of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Card

Eligibility Criteria for Small Businesses

Details on which small businesses qualify.

  • Definition of small business for rebate purposes: Small businesses with an active ABN and using less than 100 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity per year.
  • Required documentation and conditions: Must be the named account holder on the electricity bill.
  • Exclusions: Businesses operating from home on a residential tariff, government-owned agencies, and certain other categories.
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Small Business Eligibility CriteriaRequired Documentation
Active ABNABN registration proof
Electricity usage under 100 MWh/yearLatest electricity bill
Named account holderBusiness name on the electricity bill

How to Apply for the Rebate

Steps to apply for the rebate.

  • Application process for retail (on-market) electricity customers: Applications can be made through MyGov.
  • Application process for embedded network (on-supply) electricity customers: Applications to be made through Service NSW.
  • Important dates and deadlines: Applications are open from specific dates and must be completed by 30 June 2024.
Application ProcessDescription
Retail electricity customersApplications via MyGov
Embedded network customersApplications via Service NSW
Important dates and deadlinesApplications close by 30 June 2024

Automatic Payments for Eligible Households

Information on automatic rebate payments.

  • Conditions for automatic payment: Automatically applied for those already receiving eligible NSW energy rebates.
  • Schedule of quarterly installments: Payments of $125 made quarterly starting from 31 July 2023.
  • What to do if automatic payment is not received: Contact energy provider or Service NSW for resolution.
Payment ScheduleAmount per InstallmentTotal Annual Amount
31 July 2023$125$500
31 October 2023$125$500
31 January 2024$125$500
30 April 2024$125$500

Manual Application Process

Steps for those who need to apply manually.

  • How to determine if manual application is needed: If not automatically enrolled, a manual application is required.
  • Application portals: MyGov for retail customers, Service NSW for embedded network customers.
  • Required information for application: Concession card details, proof of identity, and energy account information.
Determine need for manual applicationCheck eligibility for automatic payment
Application portalsMyGov for retail, Service NSW for embedded
Required informationConcession card details, proof of identity, energy account info

Rebates for Energy-Intensive Equipment Users

Specific rebates for those using life support or other energy-intensive equipment.

  • Eligibility criteria: Users of life support equipment or those with high medical energy needs.
  • Additional documentation required: Medical proof and energy usage details.
  • Application process: Similar to standard application, with additional medical verification.
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Eligibility CriteriaDocumentation Required
Users of life support equipmentMedical proof
High medical energy needsEnergy usage details
Application processStandard with medical verification

Interaction with Other Rebates

How the $500 rebate interacts with other NSW energy rebates.

  • List of other available rebates: Low Income Household Rebate, Medical Energy Rebate, Family Energy Rebate, etc.
  • Cumulative benefits: Eligibility for multiple rebates but only one $500 relief payment per household.
  • Restrictions on multiple rebates: Households can receive various rebates but the $500 rebate is one-off.
Other NSW RebatesInteraction with $500 Rebate
Low Income Household RebateEligible for both, but only one $500 payment
Medical Energy RebateCan receive alongside $500 rebate
Family Energy Rebate$500 rebate is additional

Benefits of the Rebate

Advantages of receiving the rebate.

  • Financial relief for low-income households: Helps mitigate high energy costs.
  • Support for small businesses: Eases operational costs.
  • Positive impact on cost of living: Reduces financial strain during economic hardships.
Financial relief for householdsMitigates high energy costs
Support for small businessesEases operational costs
Positive impact on cost of livingReduces financial strain

Challenges and Solutions

Common challenges in applying for the rebate.

  • Documentation issues: Ensuring all required documents are provided.
  • Application processing times: Potential delays due to high volume.
  • Solutions and tips for a smooth application process: Double-check documentation, apply early, and use official portals.
Documentation issuesEnsure all required documents are provided
Application processing timesApply early, use official portals

Government Support and Resources

Additional government resources for energy bill relief.

  • Contact information for assistance: Service NSW, MyGov, and energy providers.
  • Online resources and guides: NSW Government energy assistance websites.
  • Helplines and support centers: Dedicated phone lines and local service centers for help.
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ResourceContact Details
Service NSWVisit official website
MyGovAccess support through MyGov
Energy ProvidersContact directly


Who is eligible for the $500 electricity rebate in NSW?

To be eligible, households must hold a valid concession card or receive a specific government payment. Small businesses must have an active ABN and meet certain energy usage criteria.

How do I apply for the rebate if I don’t receive it automatically?

If you are not automatically receiving the rebate, you need to apply through MyGov or Service NSW, depending on your customer type and eligibility.

EligibilityHouseholds with a valid concession card, small businesses with active ABN
Application processMyGov for retail customers, Service NSW for embedded network customers

Eligible individuals and businesses are encouraged to apply on time and ensure all necessary documentation is provided to benefit from this essential relief. For more information and assistance, contact Service NSW or Centrelink through their official channels.

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