Opportunity and challenge for energy resources in Australia

Australia ranks as one of the top three global exporters of liquefied natural gas, coal and uranium.

The Australian energy resources sector involves the exploration, development and extraction of energy and fuels from oil, gas, coal and uranium, and related services. In Australia, it directly provides approximately 85,900 jobs with a gross value add of $55.1 billion (2016/17)*, (the statistics quoted do not include related supply and services inputs). This value is expected to increase as the balance of the LNG facilities currently under construction come online.

NERA is a not for profit, industry-led knowledge organisation, backed by the Australian Government, to create connections and support projects that help unlock the full potential of the Australian energy resources sector.

NERA’s strategic focus is on innovation and technology to improve the sector’s competitiveness today and transform the sector for the low carbon future of tomorrow.

NERA’s role is to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the Australian energy resources sector.

Renewable energy is not directly in NERA's scope, however the energy resources sector is a key partner with the renewable sector in achieving lower emissions, uptake of clean technology and a sustainable mix for Australia.

*Gross value add in current prices, $AUD, 2016/17 Source: ABS (2017) Australian System of National Accounts, Catalogue no. 5204.