SME Technology Exhibitors • Day 1

Wednesday 11 March | NERA Technology Station, N2 | AOG 2020

As part of NERA's SME ConnectER Program held at AOG 2020, the following technology innovators will be exhibiting in the NERA Technology Station (N2) from 9am-4pm on Day 1 of AOG.

Each SME will also be participating in the SME Pitch Events, taking place at 11:10am and 1:10pm.

The companies exhibiting on Day 1 are listed below.

Summary of NERA Exhibitors

AiSpanner is a Next-Gen datacentric Turnaround, Shutdown Maintenance and Safety Planning application to reduce costs, significantly improve productivity, safety and communication between operators, contractors and sub-contractors using advanced visualisation, analytics and spatial intelligence. Building maintenance intelligent twins, by connecting disparate data to planning/scheduling allowing simulation, optimisation of resources, materials, staging, logistics and safety.

Cobalt Extreme is an Australian energy services company specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative artificial lift equipment. Cobalt’s ARPMAXTM Polymer outperforms conventional polyamides with higher strength and exceptional abrasion resistance properties (up to 300 per cent improvement). This advanced technology enables production companies to reduce operational costs through decreasing downtime and workover rig use and increase revenue through optimisation.

Euclideon is a world-leading 3D data technology company that has revolutionised 3D visualisation and mapping technology. Euclideon Vault’s powerful Unlimited Detail rendering engine allows users to access and visualise massive 3D models instantly from anywhere in the world, compared to common LIDAR and 3D scanning technologies which generate file sizes that are too large to be opened or shared without expensive graphics hardware, storage space and courier costs.

Exploration Drill Rigs (XDR) produces innovative safe onshore workover rig packages which are providing well operators with cost savings of up to 50% per well when compared with the traditional workover rig packages. XDR’s equipment enables well operators to bring wells into production faster and remediate marginal wells due to the lower costs.

MyPass Global simplifies workforce compliance management for Operators and their Service Providers. Workers keep their training and credentials contained within their verified ‘single source of truth’ digital work passport. Key benefits for Operators are reduced risk through accessing real-time compliance data, plus reducing manual data entry into their operating systems.

Offshore Simulation’s Digital Asset Simulation (DAS) solution enables operators to test and validate complex operations prior to offshore deployment. DAS allows for real-time analysis and can be applied as a tool throughout a project, from the design phase, through implementation and all the way to decommissioning. This results in significant time and cost reductions, improved risk mitigation, greater capacity for innovation and ultimately enables safer operations.

Resolute Energy Solutions are experts in well integrity, specialising in pump-down solutions that improve well barriers for production enhancement, integrity repair and well abandonment. Resolute utilise a range of expanding polymer and powdered metal materials to form impermeable and robust barriers, enabling barrier repairs without intervention, and significantly reducing costs associated with well abandonment.


CRISM has developed a product for piping repairs with no hot work or swaging, no specialised tools or training required. Removing hot work means there is no need for habitats, approved welders or explosive monitoring, making it quicker, cheaper and safer to use. CRISM has gained Lloyds approval for use in most systems for existing and new piping.

EPIC Service solves a substantial problem in the energy sector, The Great Crew Change. Half of all Geophysicists and Engineers exited the industry in 2018; two thirds are over 55, and only 15% are female. EPIC Service empowers women and minorities to design the world’s next Megaprojects.

Genesis Petroleum Technologies offer powerful software, analytics and proven methodologies to assist oil and gas operators to maximize the value of their existing drilling data. Genesis’ easy-to-use software platform improves the drilling process by accurately measuring operational performance data and creating a management system that leads to continuous improvement.

O2 Metocean is a highly specialised marine oceanographic consulting company based in Western Australia that is currently developing a small, low cost, bespoke wave buoy with marine environmental sensor capability. The WaveWatcher Buoy will measure oceanographic (i.e. Waves) and environmental parameters (i.e. Temperature, salinity and hydrocarbons). The buoy will be approximately the size of a basketball and easy to deploy.

Priori Analytica specialise in the application of advanced predictive analytics for the oil and gas industry, from proof-of-concept to a fully automated, end-to-end production system. Priori Analytica offer validated commercial solutions for drilling, power, chemical optimisation and delivery analytics, which monitor real-time data to predict disruptive events and prescribe appropriate actions.

Silverhorse Technologies’ AssetHive creates a digital twin of oil and gas plants to enhance operational efficiency in a low risk, scalable way. Better decision making is enabled by overlaying a vast repository of metadata that is associated with the 3D model and facility operations. AssetHive’s integrated approach combines statistical modelling, data management and visualisation platforms in a way that facilitates effective risk management, enhances collaboration and assures technical integrity.

Tendeka is a global specialist in advanced completions and production solutions for the oil and gas industry. From simple to complex well designs, we have an extensive track record delivering enhanced productivity for our clients in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Volco Minerals has developed a practical and highly effective solution to remove particulate contamination (down to 4 microns) from wastewater using negatively charged clinoptilolite (a type of zeolite) and micronisation technology. Through the process of ion exchange, clinoptilolite absorbs many different types of gases, odours, moisture, petrochemicals, ammonia, heavy metals, low-level radioactive elements and a multitude of various solutions from wastewater