SME Technology Exhibitors • Day 2

Thursday 12 March | NERA Technology Station, N2 | AOG 2020

As part of NERA's SME ConnectER Program held at AOG 2020, the following technology innovators will be exhibiting in the NERA Technology Station (N2) from 9am-4pm on Day 2 of AOG.

Each SME will also be participating in the SME Pitch Events, taking place at 11:10am and 1:20pm.

The companies exhibiting on Day 2 are listed below.

Summary of NERA Exhibitors

A60N develops a range of innovative subsea deposit management systems (DMS) for oil and gas critical subsea equipment interfaces. The retrofittable DMS are designed to inhibit the formation of deposits on subsea equipment, preventing loss of functionality and unplanned intervention costs.

Biarri EMI delivers powerful applications and capabilities with problem-solving techniques for the oil and gas industry. These applications can solve complex problems from asset design, resource scheduling and utilisation, enterprise value chain modelling and automated design for distribution networks. Biarri’s mathematical optimisation solutions provide analytics and scenario analysis to optimise and accelerate decision-making, enabling greater operational control, profitability, visibility, and efficiency.

Chironix combines high-level software engineering/machine learning expertise with global partner hardware platforms such as Boston Dynamics, Clearpath Robotics, Google X to create human machine teaming that improve work safety and drive efficiencies. Chironix’s autonomous solutions complement existing organisational capabilities and perform the dangerous, dirty and dull operational requirements.

DIGATEX are specialists in the transformation of legacy engineering and asset information into digitally intelligent information and the creation of digital assets. Engineers spend more than 20 per cent of their time searching for information. DIGATEX has developed an industry-proven AI platform that takes unintelligent documents (e.g. PDF files), extracts the relevant engineering data and presents the results via a web browser. The result is a cloud-based AI platform that provides fast access to engineering information in context.

IAS Group leads innovation in the integrity, preservation and decommissioning of production critical and distribution assets for the oil and gas industry. With a focus on unique cold-work technologies such as Ultra-High-Pressure Water Jetting (UHPWJ), and remotely operated tooling (ROTs), IAS Group offers optimal brownfield solutions that create unmatched value by delivering improved safety, life extension and cost-effectiveness, all whilst minimising production downtime through the avoidance of hot-work.

OLEOLOGY's expertise in water treatment systems (incorporating MyCelx technology) offers advanced solutions to enable recycling and decontaminating water quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective. MyCelx technology efficiently removes organics, oils, hydrocarbons, mercury and PFAS to below detectable levels. MyCelx technology is utilised by some of the TOP 500 companies for water treatment around the world. OLEOLOGY’s solution is a small footprint able to simultaneously remove both hydrocarbons and PFAS.

Sentient Computing is a specialist software development company which provides powerful and immersive 3D and VR visualisation, and automation solutions for industrial markets. Sentient’s solutions combine real and virtual data, enabling clients to visualise and better understand their assets to increase production, reduce downtime and improve safety. This unique technology is complementary to traditional control and maintenance systems.

TenzorGEO provides an integrated service offering offshore passive seismic data acquisition and interpretation for highly accurate hydrocarbon mapping and hydraulic fracturing monitoring. TenzorGEO technology has the ability to directly identify hydrocarbons with over 80% success rate, and to predict and monitor fracture propagation.


AdditiveNow combines engineering and additive manufacturing expertise to provide bespoke 3D printed parts for the energy, chemicals and resources industry — supporting customers from analysis and design through to final production and deployment.

Camp Connect is an enterprise software and mobile application for remote Mining, Resources and Construction accommodation sites, to provide on-hand access to essential site, accommodation, mental health and wellbeing information, coordination of sports & social events, emergency response, GPS mapping, and travel management to create the ultimate worker experience.

Cumulus Projects is a Perth-based technology company that offers a digital twin ecosystem for the connected worker of tomorrow: field technicians, engineers and managers. Cumulus brings together stranded, siloed data from all conceivable sources, from legacy enterprise systems to emergent deliverable file types and allows easy on-demand access to information. The result is improved efficiency and increased safety.

Frontier Automation offers maritime automation systems. Their 3DPortGuard technology uses 3D-sensors to accurately track vessel movements near or berthed at loading (ports, FPSOs) or other infrastructure (platforms), which is critical for mitigating collision risk scenarios. These systems are fully autonomous, field-proven, and don’t require equipment to be brought on-board vessels.

iSOL8’s award-winning electronic isolation management system provides a digital and verifiable process that eliminates the need for paper-based isolation permits, which are replaced by a single device. The system detects and prevents human errors when the wrong isolation device is identified in the field or unauthorised persons attempt to sign on to the isolation permit.

Thermal generation (diesel or gas) performs inflexibly under variable loading and is poorly suited to the demands of modern microgrid application. Renewable Ready has developed an innovative variable speed retrofit technology, which improves the ability of thermal generation to integrate with renewable technologies such as wind and solar. The platform allows existing thermal units to operate dynamically, with efficiency gains approaching 40 per cent at partial loading. The result is a low cost, low complexity technology which can effectively modernise existing thermal generation infrastructure.

SixDe specialise in customised precision machined components, with CNC machine programming, rollforming, metal pressing, and plastic injection moulding delivered in-house. SixDe’s team of specialists are skilled in the application of engineering solutions to address complex problems, ensuring rapid and accurate interpretation of drawings into high quality precision-fitting components.

Test1’s FoamFlex200 product is an innovative, patented oil absorbent technology for hydrocarbons and their derivatives. This open-cell oleophilic polyurethane foam with a hydrophobic effect greater than 95%, allows the intact recovery of spilled hydrocarbons with less than 5% water. It can absorb about 30 times its own weight of any hydrocarbon. Using a wringing process, FoamFlex200 can be reused over 200 times, enabling one kilogram of FoamFlex200 to absorb about 6 tons of hydrocarbons.