Collaboration and Innovation Exhibitors • Day 3

Friday 13 March | NERA Technology Station, N2 | AOG 2020

NERA provides industry-matched funding and support to collaborative lighthouse projects across Australia, and our Day 3 Exhibitor Pods celebrate some of these projects plus several initiatives that we are proud to support.

The following organisations, projects and initiatives will be showcased in the NERA Technology Station on Day 3 from 9am to 2pm, where you'll have the chance to chat to the people behind some of these collaborations that are delivering solutions to Australia's oil and gas industry and beyond. You can also read about some of these projects and initiatives on dedicated posters situated within our Technology Station.

Summary of NERA Exhibitors

Abrasive Slurry Injection Jet for Wellhead Severance

Commercialising locally-developed subsea cutting technology for the global market

With support from NERA, this project will commercialise WA-based IAS Group’s market-leading and fully patented ultra high-pressure hydro-abrasive wellhead severance and subsea cutting system (ASIJ) to deliver significantly improved reliability, safety and cost advantages over existing cutting systems.


Access some of Australia's brightest research minds and tap into new worlds of innovation

Australian Postgraduate Research Intern (APR.Intern) is Australia’s only PhD internship program spanning all sectors, disciplines and universities, connecting PhD students with industry through short-term research projects.NERA is currently collaborating with a PhD student through APR.Intern to deliver a study mapping Australia’s energy research capability.

Hull cleaning

Developing industry-leading hull cleaning technology

This collaborative project between CleanSubsea and NERA is integrating image recognition and artificial intelligence technology into CleannSubsea’s Envirocart to automate the detection of Invasive Marine Species and vessel defects. The technology is revolutionising the way Australia’s energy resources and marine industry combats biofouling.

Industry 4.0 Test Lab

The ERDi Test Lab

Industry 4.0 aligned architecture and technology components will deliver the next step change in operational performance for the energy and resources sectors. I4.0 interoperability standards are critical in unlocking this value. The ERDi Testlab is a state-of-the-art facility that will enable the rapid realisation of these benefits through research, development, trials, testing and education.

Ocean Energy Cluster

Helping Australia move towards a sustainable energy future

NERA is providing leadership for the formation of an industry-led ocean energy cluster — Australian Ocean Energy Group. AOEG’s vision reflects innovation and demonstration of new wave and tidal energy technology, which will drive new sustainable energy solutions and expand market opportunities. Demand is key to commercialisation of this emerging sector.

Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia

Sharing experiences to tackle unique challenges

Backed by NERA and with important support from industry, SICA is a unique business model created by the coming together of Australian subsea technology innovators, operators, service companies and research institutions to address challenges specific to the Australian oil and gas subsea industry.

Wireless Industrial Sensor Environment Program

Accelerating the digitisation of the energy resources sector

The WISE Program helps members and SME partners to test, evaluate, develop and deploy their new cost-effective sensor technologies in a collaborative and controlled environment. With NERA’s support, the Program is developing and delivering up to 8 individual collaborative use case projects.


Acoustic and seismic sensors

Commercialising distributed acoustic sensing technology

WA-based company Terra15 have achieved a research breakthrough in distributed fibre sensing which dramatically reduces complexity and cost of equipment condition monitoring at LNG facilities. Through collaboration with NERA, Terra15 will conduct trials of their unique solution.

Australian Technology Catalogue Portal

Showcasing solutions specific to Australian Challenges

NERA has partnered with Deployment Matters to deliver a customised Australian portal of the Technology Catalogue — an online platform that connects technology suppliers and end-users to solve oil and gas challenges and rapidly deploy technologies.

Hydrogen Industry Cluster

Facilitating crucial collaboration across the emerging hydrogen value chain

NERA is driving the formation of a national Hydrogen Industry Cluster as part of the COAG National Hydrogen Strategy. The Cluster will build capabilities and drive industry collaboration across the hydrogen value chain to help maximise the economic benefits by ensuring Australian companies are well placed to supply new technology, products and services.


Forecasting hydrate blockages in real time

This collaborative project will integrate a mechanistic hydrate model developed by The University of Western Australia into Wood’s operational online Virtuoso™ software package, which will allow operators for the first time ever to calculate the operational risk of a hydrate blockage in their assets in real time.

Metal 3D printing

Game-changing low-cost metal 3D printing technology for onsite, fast, high-volume parts

A collaboration between technology developer SPEE3D, NERA, Charles Darwin University and ConocoPhillips, this project supports the development of a new high-speed, low-cost metal 3D printing technology specifically for the oil and gas industry.

WA Data Science Innovation Hub

Ensuring Australia remains at the forefront of the digital revolution

WA Data Science innovation hub A WA Government initiative supported by Curtin University, the WA Data Science Innovation Hub connects industry to universities, ensuring the transfer of knowledge across various sectors impacted by digital disruption. NERA, together with METS Ignited and Bankwest, is proud to be a Foundation Member of the Hub.

Women in Tech WA

The champion for diversity and equality for women in tech in Western Australia

Endorsing open conversation and debate for over 20 years, WiTWA and its +3,000 supporters encourage women and young people to choose careers in science, technology, engineering and innovation, or Tech [+] as they like to call it.