TSBE Webinar: Understanding opportunities and innovation for the future of energy supply chains

23 April 2020

In April 2020, Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) hosted this webinar with industry experts including NERA aimed at providing information for businesses involved in the energy supply chain to discuss upcoming opportunities and innovation for the future as supported by the Southern Queensland Innovation in Export Hub (SQ Export Hub) program.

Focussing on the Food & Agribusiness as well as Oil, Gas & Energy Resources sector, the SQ Export Hub is an innovative export hub established by TSBE, that is designed to work with SMEs to deliver services that are designed to consider the region’s economic drivers, industry diversity and infrastructure development, including global reach through the inland freight hub. Included in this program is the development with participating SMEs of a collaborative and diversified export culture that helps grow the local economy by developing globally competitive SMEs.

The one-hour webinar featured:

  • An overview of NERA, and our role in supporting industry, Paul Hodgson, General Manager Innovation and Stakeholder Engagement (East Coast), NERA
  • Survey results and potential growth in Australia's oil & gas supply chain SMEs and how to overcome barriers to future growth, Miranda Taylor, CEO, NERA
  • Innovation for the future: long-term vision for our industry and up-skilling opportunities for SME's that mitigate procurement barriers and open pathways,  Jason King, GM Contracts, Procurement & Logistics, Arrow Energy