Oceania Marine Energy | LETs Pitch WA 22

05 October 2022

Oceania Marine Energy has the ambition to deliver the world's first carbon-free ammonia bunkering vessel, targeting maximum impact by providing low and zero-carbon fuel to the massive and hard to abate iron ore shipping fleet out of the Pilbara. 

Oceania Marine Energy participated in NERA's LETs Pitch WA 2022 program and were one of three SMEs who successfully pitched their technology to a panel of expert judges and secured their spots in "Team WA" for the Offshore Northern Sea (ONS) 2022 Exhibition and Conference in Stavanger, Norway.

Oceania’s purpose is to supercharge a sustainable shipping industry, by connecting Australian natural and renewable resources to the world’s heaviest tonnage shipping route. Oceania's bunker vessel is designed to safely and reliably deliver marine fuel parcels to iron ore carriers. The bunker vessel is developed as a fully scalable solution applicable across multiple markets, initially focussed on the growing Australia-Asia trade route.

Find out more about Oceania by watching their Managing Director Nick Bentley's pitch below.

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