Our Business Plan

Over the next decade, major sector challenges will transform the product and technology mix of successful energy resource companies globally. In particular, digital/data technologies and increasingly competitive alternative energy solutions will disrupt the business model of those companies.

Reflecting our sector's ambitions to deliver clean energy resources to Australia and the world, NERA plays a key role in creating the collaboration and innovation connections essential to ensure Australia's energy resources sector successfully navigates this transformation.

NERA is uniquely positioned to support sector-wide transformation to help unlock +$10 billion of new value for the Australian economy. Our Sector Competitiveness Plan (SCP) provides the strategic roadmap to unlock that value.

Our resources are directed into two key areas:

  1. Maximise the knowledge transfer and impact across the sector from each of the 40+ projects that have been approved for co-funding; and
  2. Strategic activities to achieve the Industry Growth Centre objectives and NERA's SCP Vision and Knowledge Priorities.

Our vision is Australia as a global energy powerhouse, sought-after destination for investment and leading source of knowledge and solutions.

This vision is guided by three strategic pillars that help ensure Australia's energy resources sector remains globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse now and in the future.




Our 2019/20 Work Program

The 2019/20 Business Plan reflects the 2019 SCP Update and sets out NERA's work program to enable us to assist the sector deliver the following outcomes:

  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency across the whole value chain.
  • Deploy novel digital technologies and solutions to unlock resources and value.
  • Accelerate the growth of an innovative local supply chain and integration into the global supply chains.
  • Develop the skills and capabilities required to support the energy resources sector's uptake of digital technologies.
  • Commercialise and adopt hybrid, clean and renewable technologies to minimise industry's input energy costs and waste and emissions.
  • Work with the energy resources sector to support their energy transition plans, through for example developing a roadmap to alternate and affordable future energy solutions such as Hydrogen for Export (leveraging the industry's LNG experience and capabilities).
  • Support sustainable environmental performance, improved community acceptance and access to resources.

To achieve these outcomes, we have grouped our work program into five focus areas:

  1. Industry-driven and applied research
  2. Technology and service exports
  3. Skills and capabilities that enable digital transformation of the sector
  4. Energy transition and the hydrogen economy
  5. Strategic initiatives.

The work program will be promoted by communicating the value and impact of NERA initiatives and show case our projects through our new Creating Our New Energy Futures book series, a refreshed The Energy Innovators Podcast series and through focussed events and workshops.

NERA's project portfolio

As we move into 2019/20, NERA’s project fund is near fully allocated across a portfolio of 40+ projects and initiatives with more than 160 project partners ranging from Tier 1 and 2 Operators, Research Organisations, SMEs, International Collaborations, Cluster Organisations, Regulators and Industry Associations.

$15.6 million

NERA's collaborative project fund


Lighthouse projects and initiatives around Australia

x2.5 multiplier

leveraging additional project investment in our sector

$10 billion

of value to unlock for the Australian economy through collaboration and investment in the energy resources sector