Understanding the opportunity for local disposal and recycling pathways

This study will assess Australia's existing capacities and capabilities for disposal and recycling of materials from decommissioned offshore oil and gas infrastructure. We specifically want to understand whether Australia can manage 100% of materials from decommissioning, including the likely disposal pathways that these materials will need to follow.

There is an approximate saving of $2 billion from Australia’s decommissioning liability from managing disposal or recycling within Australia and is expected to support potential opportunities in regional development. This also aligns with the Australian Government’s increasing expectation that the disposal or recycling of products is managed locally and not exported.

The study will consider requirements for the disposal of structures (jackets, topsides, wellheads, pipeline sections), materials (steel, concrete, micro and macro plastics/polymers) and contaminants (NORM and Hg) that arise from decommissioning offshore oil and gas facilities in Australian waters.

Understanding the capacities and capabilities of existing facilities should be the starting point for this study. The review should also consider whether new facilities, particularly in proximity to key oil and gas provinces (i.e. North, North West and South East Australia).

In summary, this study will:

  • Establish an understanding of materials requiring disposal and recycling through decommissioning offshore oil and gas facilities and equipment.
  • Establish an understanding of existing waste disposal and recycling facilities, including current capabilities and capacities, including likely disposal pathways for decommissioned offshore oil and gas infrastructure
  • Identify gaps to achieve a 100 per cent local disposal and recycling pathway in Australia for oil and gas decommissioning, including production by-products such as NORM and Hg.
  • Quantify the potential cross-industry and regional benefits of supporting the establishment or improvement of facilities to manage a 100 per cent local disposal and recycling pathway.

This project is being undertaken by Advisian.