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Collaborative Project Fund

NERA provides an independent, national and integrated approach for all stakeholders to collaborate and share knowledge.

As a trusted, independent and not-for-profit third party, NERA creates opportunities for industry-led collaboration to significantly improve the competitiveness and environmental sustainability of the energy resources sector.

NERA’s scope covers the energy resources sector, including the exploration, development and extraction of energy and fuels from oil, gas, unconventional gas (including coal seam gas), coal and uranium, and related services and inputs.

What is the Project Fund?

The Federal Government has committed a total of $15.6 million over four years allocated to industry-led collaborative projects to improve the productivity, competitiveness and innovative capacity within and between the energy resources sector.

NERA will fund projects through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

Eligible projects will be funded if a cash contribution is greater than or matched by industry partners. For example, if NERA provides project funding of $100,000, industry will fund a minimum of $100,000 cash towards the project.

No restrictions exist in relation to the size of projects or the grant amount. However, the quality of the EOI or project proposal, the amount of funding sought and the funds available will influence the number/amount of grants being successful.

Projects must demonstrate a clear innovative approach to the identified challenges and result in commercialisation opportunities. Projects need to be collaborative with multiple partners and all partners must make a cash contribution. In-kind contributions can be made but will not be taken into account when applying for matching NERA funds. The projects must be linked to one or more of the priority areas identified in the EOI Guidelines .

For an overview of NERA collaboration projects and activities see Project & Activity Directory.