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Opportunity and challenge for energy resources in Australia

Australia has an opportunity to build on substantial growth in the energy and mining resources ecosystem as a result of the massive investment in production capacity over the past decade. All the elements are in place to become a world leader in collaboration and innovation.

Australia is one of the world’s top three exporters of liquefied natural gas, coal and uranium, with a combined value to the Australian economy of $67 billion, or 39% of the value of Australia’s total commodity exports in 2014-15 (Office of the Chief Economist, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australian Government, Energy in Australia 2015).

Global demand for energy is predicted to increase in the coming decades, along with pressure to deliver lower carbon emissions in line with international commitments. As a net energy exporter, Australia has a critical role to play in delivering efficient, lower carbon energy to the world and become internationally recognised as a leader in technology innovation.

As a trusted, independent and not-for-profit third party, NERA creates opportunities for industry-led collaboration to significantly improve the competitiveness and environmental sustainability of the energy resources sector. NERA supports the energy ecosystem across the oil, gas, coal seam gas, coal and uranium sectors in Australia.

NERA's focus is improving sector wide competitiveness through:

  • Conceptualising the key opportunities for innovation and collaboration
  • Supporting industry-led projects which commercialise innovation and research
  • Providing a channel between the service sector and operators to solve the key industry challenges and opportunities
  • Providing a direct pathway to funding
  • Promoting fit for purpose regulation that provides public confidence in government oversight of industry activity while supporting a competitive and sustainable industry
  • Improving management and workforce skills to support innovation and collaboration

Renewable energy is not directly in NERA's scope, however the energy resources sector is a key partner with the renewable sector in achieving lower emissions, uptake of clean technology and a sustainable mix for Australia.