Clean Energy Mission in Singapore

NERA and Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) have partnered to deliver a 2023 Clean Energy Mission in Singapore, with support from the Australian Hydrogen Council.

Underpinning the Green Economy Agreement signed between both countries and in support of green business partnerships, the mission provides a platform for Australian small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to capture opportunities in the clean energy sector in Singapore, gain a first-hand understanding of the significant upcoming developments and opportunities, and connect with potential partners from across the Asia-Pacific region.

The mission will promote Australia's expertise and capacity in new technologies to support Singapore and Australia's transition to net-zero emissions. It will provide an excellent platform for Australian SMEs to capture opportunities in the energy sector in Singapore and for participants to gain a first-hand understanding of the significant upcoming developments and opportunities.

This mission includes attendance at the 2023 Cleantech Forum Asia.

Meet the cohort

Joining NERA for the mission are the four winners of our LETs Pitch Australia 2023 event and other start-up and scale-up technology companies from our network.

Focus: Clean hydrogen storage
Subsector: Renewable energy
Solution: Large scale hydrogen storage in vertical shafts

Ardent Underground provides safe, large-scale, cost-effective compressed hydrogen storage using existing shaft construction technology and capability. Building on decades of shaft construction experience, Ardent creates a liner impermeable to hydrogen and transfers the large pressure forces to the surrounding rock structure.

At a fraction of the cost of aboveground storage solutions, a small footprint, and considerably lower risk, Ardent provides the missing link to a green hydrogen future.

Focus: Renewable Hydrogen Production, Storage and Transportation; Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers; Carbon Capture & Utilisation
Subsector: Energy, Water, Manufacturing, Agriculture
Solution: Priority and emerging technologies for the clean energy transition

Clayton H2 is building an industry network, identifying opportunities, developing projects, mobilising investments and leveraging government funding.

In partnership with governments and industry to build the skills, capability and commercialisation opportunities in the hydrogen industry, Clayton H2 brings scientists, industry partners and businesses together to test, trial and demonstrate CleanTech in creating sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that support economic growth and address global environmental challenges.

Focus: Energy storage
Subsector: Mining and renewable energy
Solution: Utilising legacy mines to deliver gravitational energy storage

Green Gravity's technology offers large-scale, long-duration renewable energy storage. The technology moves multiple heavy weights vertically in a legacy mine shaft to capture and release the potential gravitational energy of the weights.

By using proven mechanical parts, Green Gravity’s storage technology can be half the cost of battery alternatives and has twice the asset life. Storing energy in this way uses no processed chemicals, has no performance degradation and can deliver tens of megawatt-hours of storage in single sites.

Focus: Carbon capture
Subsector: Construction and chemical industry
Solution: Carbon capture system

KC8 Capture Technologies offers the next generation, low-cost post combustion carbon capture technologies for the hard to abate industries. KC8 are engaged in commercial pilot demonstrations in the cement industry and gas turbine power generation. KC8 is a process engineering firm that has developed and owns the patents to a unique solvent process for the capture of CO2 from post combustion flue gases in heavy industries at greater efficiencies and lower cost than current technologies.

KC8’s UNO MK3 solvent technology is a next generation of post combustion capture solvent that can achieve around $40 USD/ton CO2 captured, significantly lower than the current technologies can provide.

Focus: Virtualplant: asset visualisation tools that enable industrial process optimisation
Subsector: Oil and gas, mining and renewable energy
Solution: AI driven 3D asset visualisation and collaboration technology platform

RemSense’s asset visualisation and collaboration technology platform is a unique, real world digital twin environment that visualises data that supports decision making and delivers significant cost and time saving efficiencies throughout process management, supporting the energy transition in operations and maintenance.

RemSense is a digital technology company that, through accurate insight driven data and innovative digital engineering solutions, is leading the industrial digital transformation with virtualplant — the world-first industrial photogrammic Digital Twin. Virtualplant combines leading edge ‘as-is’ 3D imagery with a AI driven visual analytics techniques that enable asset owners to better understand and manage large and complex assets.

Focus: Clean hydrogen
Subsector: Aviation, construction, defence, manufacturing, marine transport, mining, road transport, renewable energy
Solution: Hydrogen storage advanced materials and systems, higher density lower cost

Rux Energy is an advanced hydrogen materials company, aiming to double the volumetric efficiency and halve the cost of dispatchable hydrogen storage for heavy mobility, aviation and marine.

Rux Energy has partnered with leading Australian universities and trailblazing Australian composites, mobility and aerospace integrators to accelerate the piloting of their breakthrough MOF technologies, validating performance and fast-tracking implementation, to meet our planet's decarbonisation needs.

Focus: Sustainable shipping; Circular Economy
Subsector: Marine transport; Renewable energy
Solution: Ammonia and LNG bunkering vessel; Diesel displacement fuel

BE&R is a highly experienced and innovative consultancy that is evolving its success into new impactful ventures. BE&R provides customers with technical, commercial and strategic advice to achieve an anchorable pathway to sustainable energy infrastructure. As specialists in shipping and port infrastructure connecting energy exports with new markets, BE&R has developed and deployed a framework to successfully activate two new ventures in the energy space, Carbon Recycle and Oceania Marine Energy.

Focus: Electricity efficiency — high frequency energy data
Subsector: Information Technology
Technology: Numen — AI data acquisition and analytics platform

Ecocentric is a technology company which has developed a proprietary data acquisition and AI data analytics platform that continuously monitors and analyses electrical devices and infrastructure. Ecocentric’s Numen system learns the operation and behavioural patterns of devices and machines.

Numen uses non-intrusive sensors to acquire high-frequency electrical data that is fed into machine learning and AI algorithms, enabling the system to identify individual machines and devices, monitor their performance and predict faults. Numen Green Cloud is Ecocentric's solution package specifically aimed at assisting Data Centres to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their operating cost in the process.

Focus: Renewable Methanol
Subsector: Marine transport
Solution: Low carbon fuels and chemicals company with a focus on renewable methanol developments

HAMR Energy is an Australian based, low carbon fuels and chemicals company with a focus on renewable methanol developments to support hard to abate sectors to decarbonise. HAMR are leading the Portland Renewable Fuels project, a world scale renewable methanol development in the Portland region, with a target capacity of over 200ktpa.

In addition, HAMR Energy is leading a waste to methanol development utilising residual Construction and Industrial (C&I) waste. The Melbourne Recycled Fuels Project will divert waste currently going to landfill whilst producing green methanol for use in the shipping or local chemical industries.

Focus: Renewable energy power generation
Subsector: Renewable energy
Solution: Wave energy converter device

ROC Technologies (ROC) is the first wave energy device from a team specializing in the delivery of offshore structures. The result is a multi-MW, scalable, deep water device which builds on the lessons learned from previous generations of wave energy converter, with a projected LCOE of < $200/MWh.

Focus: Carbon Sequestration
: Carbon transport and offshore geo-sequestration
Solution: Fast, low cost, mobile offshore CO2 transport and sequestration

Sea-Quester has an industrial scale, low cost, Floating Storage, and Injection (FSI) technology for offshore CO2 geo-sequestration. Sea-Quester solves the transport problem for offshore carbon sequestration by eliminating costly pipelines and permanent offshore facilities with a highly functional, minimal footprint, technology solution. The system comprises a self-supporting FSI vessel called the "Carbon Harvester"; and, an integrated mooring and subsea injection tree, called the Pivotree™, which provides station keeping for the Carbon Harvester and handles injection of CO2 into the reservoir.

Focus: Renewable energy products including hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuels
Subsector: Renewable energy, waste conversion
Solution: Moving Injection Horizontal Gasification (MIHG) process

Wildfire Energy has developed the Moving Injection Horizontal Gasification (MIHG) process to produce renewable energy products such as electricity, hydrogen, syngas and biofuels/chemicals. The MIHG technology converts any type of waste or biomass feedstock into hydrogen and clean aggregates for recycling using simple, robust, mass-produced, modular equipment. Wildfire Energy’s patented technology enables residual wastes and biomass to be converted without pre-treatment saving costs on sorting and has applications for producing hydrogen for mobility applications, green ammonia production and in scaled-up plants the production of sustainable aviation fuels.