27 October 2021

Research reveals how integrating solar energy in the LNG industry can cut Australia’s carbon footprint

The integration of solar energy into Australia’s liquid natural gas (LNG) industry could dramatically reduce Australia’s carbon footprint while also creating thousands of additional jobs.


20 September 2021

Artificial intelligence software solution to revolutionise offshore asset inspections

The power of ground-breaking, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been harnessed in a new real-time inspection solution, capable of autonomously detecting and categorising equipment anomalies, as part of a partnership between Wood and NERA.


10 September 2021

Corrosion resistant, stainless steel components 3D-printed on site

An innovative 3D metal printing process developed by a Melbourne-based manufacturing technology business enables the printing of corrosion resistant, stainless-steel components on site.


27 August 2021

Magneto-EX — the world’s first EX-rated inspection robot

The world’s first, fully design-approved EX-rated robotic camera inspection device — Magneto-EX — was officially unveiled in Perth last night.


24 August 2021

NERA launches HyCapability — connecting Australia’s hydrogen industry to a global market

NERA has launched HyCapability — Australia’s first hydrogen capability finder — connecting Australian hydrogen businesses with a domestic and global market through a free, online, searchable platform.


10 June 2021

NERA launches GeneratER program to boost SMEs in the energy resources supply chain

NERA has launched a new, open innovation challenge program to help boost SMEs in the energy resources supply chain — the first time the sector has been involved in a program of this sort in Australia.