Creating Our New Energy Futures

Welcome to our innovation book series.

Our Creating Our New Energy Futures book series is an important part of celebrating the work of our team, our project partners and stakeholders, who are together creating an energy collaboration and innovation ecosystem that is driving a step-change across Australia’s energy resources sector.

The stories you’ll find here come from our energy innovation ecosystem. They are examples of NERA projects that are creating connections for growth and supporting Australian innovation.

Behind unassuming buildings, down university corridors or spread across remote outback locations, amazing innovative stories are unfolding all the time. Across this, you’ll meet the men and women who are helping to lead the projects, ideas and actions that are making sector-wide transformational change happen.

Together our energy heroes are creating the smart, high value, digital and export-focussed supply chain that will drive a prosperous energy future for all Australians.

We and our energy heroes are helping to achieve this by directing research to industry needs, identifying future work skills and transition pathways, and promoting regulation that supports innovation and growth while giving the community confidence that industry is accountable for high standards.

NERA is working hard to make collaboration and innovation a safe bet for industry. We look forward to continuing to work with industry partners, governments, research communities and businesses to deliver real solutions to the challenges our industry operators are facing today and those they will encounter tomorrow.

Edition 2

What's inside

Story 1: Jumping into the deep end — How understanding the mechanics of hydrates can save industry hundreds of millions

Story 2: Strength in numbers — Australia’s leading subsea innovators are hunting in packs through the country’s first energy resources cluster

Story 3: Living laboratories — testing ‘game-changing’ ways to maximise subsea equipment performance

Story 4: XDR taps global markets with ground-breaking Power Rig

Story 5: World-first groundwater sensors to potentially save industry millions and deliver environmental best practice for the global energy sector

Story 6: EX-rated robot turning dangerous work upside down

Story 7: From university R&D to reality How industry collaboration can help further unlock Australia’s resource base

Edition 1

What's inside

Story 1: Enhancing marine ecosystems through offshore decommissioning — Exmouth Integrated Artificial Reef project

Story 2: Metal in minutes:industrial 3D printing hits supersonic speed — 3D printing for remote operations project

Story 3: Science of cyclones delivers clear forecast to save lives and industry millions — Cyclone tracking reanalysis project

Story 4: How Smart hull cleaning is protecting our oceans and saving industry millions — Developing industry-leading hull cleaning technology project

Story 5: World-first LNG Future Facility puts energy R&D in the fastlane — LNG Futures Facility project

Story 6: Driving a digital revolution in energy resources — CORE Innovation Hub support

Story 7: Small footprint, big possibilities: how solar power is lighting the way for energy operators — Solar hybrid wellsite power generation project