Project study results: national database to improve impact assessments for life of mine activities

This webinar will detail results from an Australian collaborative research project that is helping to improve and reduce uncertainties with environmental radiological impact assessments in the energy and mining sectors.

Are you required to undertake or assess environmental radiological impact assessments? If so, please join NERA for an interactive webinar to explore the key results of a collaborative two-year research project, which conducted fundamental research into the levels of radiation in flora, fauna and soils in Australia's arid environments. This is important data that underpins the understanding of potential radiological impacts from mining on flora and fauna.

The results of this joint industry–research–national authority project contribute to the national database of radiation concentration ratios of flora, fauna and soils in areas of Australia not previously surveyed. The database will be an invaluable resource for industries in the arid and semi-arid regions of Australia that are required to assess their environmental radiological impact, and will improve both the environmental approval and mine closure processes.

This one-hour webinar will feature:

  • Background to the collaborative research project
  • Summary of key project results
  • Understanding of the industry application and how the database can be used
  • Discussion of next steps and how the database can be expanded
  • Live Q&A with key project participants

Who should attend:

  • Operators and exploration companies that are required to undertake environmental radiological impact assessments as part of their environmental approvals processes.
  • Government organisations and regulators that are involved in project development, environmental approvals, or acceptance of mine closure criteria where radiological impacts must be considered.
  • Australian research institutions that are interested in radiological impacts to non-human species.

Hear from:

  • Dr Gillian Hirth (ARPANSA) — National Authority on Radiation Protection
  • Jim Hondros (JRHC Enterprises) — Industry perspective
  • Dr Angel Rea (Flinders University) — Research perspective
  • Tim Duff (NERA) — Overall project perspective

Thanks to the project partners:

  • 01 December
  • AWST, Australia
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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