GeneratER: Challenge Process

The GeneratER challenge process will broadly follow the stages outlined below but may change depending on the Challenge Owner's specific requirements.

PHASE 1: Seeking expressions of interest to the identified challenge

Businesses will submit an EOI using the prescribed online form. The form has mandatory fields and word limits, so please ensure your responses are clear and concise.

All EOIs will be reviewed by NERA and eligible applicants will move to Phase 2. Non-compliant applicants will be notified by email and have the option to move to Phase 5 of the program.

Please do not approach the Challenge Owner about the challenge. NERA will receive questions about any aspect of the EOI at

PHASE 2: Selected SMEs to pitch to Challenge Owner

Businesses will pitch their solutions to the Challenge Owner for shortlisting and progression to Phase 3.

PHASE 3: Shortlist SMEs for challenge deep-dive

NERA will invite the shortlisted businesses to attend a challenge deep-dive workshop to discover more about the challenge and ask questions about specific aspects.

This workshop will provide an opportunity to meet and greet, explore what a pilot might or should look like, and discuss costs, timeframe, and realistic outcomes for Challenge Owners and solution providers.

Following the deep-dive exercise, selected companies will be invited to deliver their proposed solution and pilot presentations in more detail to the Challenge Owner, who will evaluate proposals and select preferred company/s for pilots.

PHASE 4: Award, announce and execute pilot

Companies selected to undertake a pilot will be notified by NERA. Pilots commence upon completion of agreements with NERA and the Challenge Owner. Successful companies can access up to $50,000 to support the delivery of each pilot.

There is no guarantee that a successful pilot will result in a contract for further work with the Challenge Owner beyond the pilot.

PHASE 5: Capability building program

All GeneratER applicants, including those who do not secure a pilot, can access a targeted program at no cost to address any shortcomings identified during the application, shortlisting and feedback process.

Support may include access to mentors, industry experts, capability-building workshops, and other opportunities to develop business capability further and ultimately increase the likelihood of future success.

This aspect of the GeneratER program is optional but will be valuable for companies seeking to position themselves for improvement and growth.