GeneratER Open Innovation Challenge Program

An opportunity for SMEs to pilot solutions to industry challenges

NERA is partnering with operators and large contractors who are committed to working with Australian-based SMEs to identify local solutions to technical challenges and grow a high-performing and more complex local supply chain.

GeneratER is providing innovative businesses with the opportunity to pilot their solutions and potentially capture a greater share of the multi-billion dollar spend in the energy resources supply chain under a transformative program that drives innovation and productivity and grows local businesses and jobs.

Using an open innovation challenge process to fast-track the adoption of products/technologies from Australian-based businesses and innovators, GeneratER identifies, showcases and pilots a range of solutions to identified industry challenges.

For challenge owners, GeneratER delivers:

  • Curated insight and access to emerging and established technologies from across industry sectors.
  • An open selection process allows challenge owners to gain a better understanding of available innovative solutions.
  • Pilots with selected companies to determine the effectiveness and potential value of solutions outside of traditional procurement pathways.

For solution providers, GeneratER provides the opportunity to:

  • Showcase solutions with potential clients to test and refine the offering and demonstrate technology.
  • Build capability, grow relationships and experience through collaboration on the pilot.
  • Gain a better understanding of operator procurement pathways and requirements.
  • Pilot solution with operators (for selected applicants). Pilots provide much-needed testbeds for technologies and allow for a fail fast and adapt approach.

GeneratER is a national collaborative program that has application across a range of themes and industry challenges. In 2021, NERA is piloting GeneratER in partnership with WA Government and industry.

View the official launch recordings here.

The second round of GeneratER is now open.

Round two of the GeneratER program opened on 2 December 2021. As part of this round, Western Australian based businesses were invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to an industry challenge provided by Shell Australia.

View the challenge here.

Following a selection process the challenge owner will choose one or more companies to undertake a pilot. NERA will provide selected solution providers with up to $50,000 funding to support each pilot.GeneratER also offers all participating applicants customised mentoring and other support to develop business capability and increase the likelihood of future success.

This current round closes on Friday, 14 January 2022 at 5pm AWST.

Winners of GeneratER round one have been announced.

Winners of the first round of the GeneratER program, which closed on Friday 23 July 2021, were announced in December 2021. View the media release here.

GeneratER is a collaborative program supported by NERA, the WA Government and Industry.