Registering your capability


To express your interest in being listed on HyCapability, you will need to create a hydrogen business profile on the EconomX platform, and then register your interest in HyCapability. Information on the steps to register can be found below.

Note: NERA will contact you once your submission has been reviewed.

If you would like more information about HyCapability, please visit our FAQs page or email

How to register

Create your hydrogen business profile on EconomX

  1. Visit EconomX and register your business. Ensure you verify your email address to move to the next step (more information can be found here).
  2. Create a business profile by clicking 'Business Profile' in the left navigation bar. Complete Profile by using yellow edit buttons and Profile, Locations, User and Insurance & Certificate tabs located across the page.
  3. Select 'Register as a supplier' from the menu bar and select 'HyCapability' from the list of suppliers.

  4. Select Register Interest’ and ensure all mandatory business profile details have been completed.

  5. Attach a PDF less than 5MB with the Capability Statement / Business Information.
  6. Complete the form with your hydrogen and select 'Submit Interest’.
  7. NERA will assess your submission and will message once your submission has been reviewed.

Enable your company profile on EconomX

  1. Log on to EconomX
  2. Select 'Business Profile'
  3. Select 'Edit'
  4. Scroll to the 'Public Profile'
  5. Use toggle to 'Enable Profile'
  6. Create a 'Public Profile Path' by entering your company name with no spaces.
  7. List your 'Business Capabilities'
  8. Complete the 'Capability Statement / Business Information'.
  9. Select 'Save'