NERA's key focus areas

Australia can become a global leader in manufacturing low emissions technologies essential to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, including hydrogen, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), and integrated offshore energy systems.

NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) works with government, research, science and industry partners to help decarbonise Australia's energy sector. We focus on leveraging low emissions and digital technologies to support Australia's energy transition while growing innovative SMEs and supply chains. And we work with energy sector partners to improve Australia's performance in commercialising innovation and the scale-up of technologies.

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Supporting Australia's renewable energy future

NERA partners with government, research, science and industry to leverage Australia’s landscape and natural abundance of solar, wind and ocean energy, support low emissions and digital technologies and grow innovative SMEs and supply chains that enable Australia’s renewable energy future.

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Decarbonising Australia's energy sector

Discover how NERA's collaborative programs, projects and initiatives assist Australia in tackling emissions from existing energy assets, provide solutions in hard-to-abate sectors, and support the rapid scale-up of low-emissions technologies.

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Boosting innovative energy technology supply chains

NERA’s transformative programs and initiatives facilitate vital connection and collaboration opportunities that enable businesses with innovative technologies to enter the supply chain, build market scale, and support Australia’s transition to a low-carbon energy future.

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Co-investing in Australian innovation

NERA’s collaborative projects and initiatives address major challenges and unlock new economic, social and environmental opportunities for Western Australia’s energy resources sector.

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Boosting commercialisation and industry–research collaboration

NERA works closely with Australia's universities and research institutions to build collaborative partnerships with industry, support world-leading research, drive technology and skills development, and more effectively translate research outputs into commercial outcomes.

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Preparing Australia's future energy workforce

NERA’s research publications provide a comprehensive overview of Australia’s energy skills landscape and identify key opportunities to unlock our country’s economic potential. NERA also delivers and supports programs that help build the skills required to enable Australia’s clean energy future.

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