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LETs Pitch FAQs

If you are an early-stage Australian company with innovative technology capable of making a significant impact in the energy transition, we want to hear from you. Refer to the program EOI guidelines for further information.
We are seeking technology solutions supporting Australia's low-carbon future. This includes:
  • Clean hydrogen - Technologies that support the production, storage, distribution or utilisation of clean hydrogen or clean hydrogen-based fuels.
  • Low emissions electricity - Technologies that support electricity derived from variable renewable energy sources (e.g. wind, solar, wave, tidal, etc.).
  • Electrification & fuel switching - Technologies that enable the replacement of fossil fuel energy sources (coal, oil, and natural gas) with electricity, or that enable a switch from emissions-intensive fuels to cleaner alternatives.
  • Non-energy emissions – Technologies that reduce emissions created through industrial and manufacturing processes, and waste management practices.
  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage - Technologies that capture, store, and/or utilise carbon dioxide or decrease atmospheric concentrations of CO2.
  • System flexibility and integration - Technologies that enhance system flexibility or enable systems integration. This including storage solutions like batteries and smart digital grids.
  • Energy efficiency & Industrial process optimisation - Technologies that optimise energy production and/or industrial processes or reduce energy requirements to deliver a given product or service.
Refer to program guidelines for further information.
The judging panel will be announced in July. It comprises blue-chip investors, venture capitalists and industry experts.
Domestic program
  • EOI Close: 31 July 2022
  • Successful applicants notified: 9 August 2022
  • Pitch readiness workshop: 17 August 2022
  • Virtual pitch battle: 24 August 2022
  • Winners announced: 31 August 2022
International program
  • GCEAF readiness mentoring: Early September 2022
  • Team Australia delegation: 21 September - 23 September 2022

* Applicants must be willing to participate in the LETs Pitch program activities and, if selected, willing to travel to Pittsburgh, United States in late September.
* Note that the program is subject to change.
LETs Pitch Australia is delivered in partnership with the Australian Government and is only open to businesses with an office in Australia and a current Australian Business Number (ABN). Subscribe to NERA's communications and LinkedIn channels to keep up to date with national programs in the future.
As outlined in the EOI Guidelines, there is no expectation that any IP rights will be relinquished during this program. If you would like to learn more about IP in Australia, we encourage you to explore resources such as those provided by IP Australia.
This is the first-ever Global Clean Energy Action Forum. It is expected to be the largest international gathering of clean energy leaders this year and will include global private sector companies from dozens of countries. This three-day event is taking place in Pittsburgh in the United States and will feature a high-level plenary, topical roundtables with energy and science ministers from at least 30 countries, CEOs and experts, side events, and a clean energy technology showcase, and other activities. The theme for the GCEAF is Rapid Innovation and Deployment. This event is a unique opportunity for exhibitors to showcase new technological advances and innovations to global industry leaders.
Visit https://gceaf.org/ for the event overview.
Your company can gain:
  • Connections to established industry networks that can support the commercialisation of your technology, scaling or growth of your business to service additional customers.
  • Education on the global landscape for energy technologies and where your solution fits within this landscape.
  • Access to new global markets, customers, partners, investors, and contacts to advance your international growth and expansion strategy.
NERA will subsidise each company to participate in the international program. This stipend is intended to cover travel, accommodation, meals and other expenses associated with the tour (value A$10,000).Each company will receive two passes to the 2022 GCEAF and a place in Team Australia’s dedicated technology showcase.
    Participating companies must organise and pay for their travel and accommodation. These can be claimed under the NERA stipend.

    Up to $10,000 of eligible travel costs will be reimbursed by NERA for each of the successful applicants.

    Winning SMEs will be required to sign a letter of participation confirming the use and payment timing of the stipend and their program obligations.
    Eligible travel costs include all those associated with travelling to — and participating in — the delegation to Pittsburgh, United States. For example, flights, accommodation, meals and other travel expenses incurred. The participating company should retain confirmation of booked travel and receipts.

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