LETs Pitch WA Program Participants

As part of NERA's LETs Pitch WA  pilot program in partnership with the Western Australian Government, 11 companies pitched their low emissions technologies to a panel of industry experts for the chance to be one of three companies selected to join the international ‘Team WA’ delegation to the Offshore Northern Sea (ONS) 2022 Exhibition and Conference in Norway.

Finalists were invited to participate in a pitch preparation workshop to assist each presenter in honing their pitch and refining their business proposition. 

Following the virtual pitch event, the judges chose three low emissions technology companies to progress to the next phase of the program, which includes preparing the pitch winners to attend the international exhibition in Norway.

Meet the LETs Pitch Winners

Focus: Hydrogen
Technology: H2 storage and production system
Technology name: NETAS Altilium

9 Tech Solutions is an engineering company developing an Australian first multimodal hydrogen battery energy storage and refuelling system capable of facilitating the unconstrained and rapid uptake of renewables, while providing a liquid fuel supplement for the concurrent uptake of hydrogen vehicles.

Focus: Carbon capture
Technology: CO2 capture system
Technology name: UNO MK3 Potassium Carbonate Absorption Technology

KC8 Capture Technologies is a process engineering firm that has developed the technology and owns the patents to an Australian developed solvent process for the capture of CO2 from post combustion flue gases in heavy industries at greater efficiencies and lower cost than current technologies. KC8’s core business is to develop capture projects and sell the license to use the technology lowering the cost of capture, in turn enhancing and accelerating CCU as a leading greenhouse gas mitigation tool.

Focus: Sustainable Shipping with low to zero-carbon Marine Fuel
Technology: Ammonia-ready LNG bunker vessel
Technology name: Ammonia as a marine fuel

Oceania Marine Energy has the ambition to deliver the world's first carbon-free ammonia bunkering vessel, targeting maximum impact by providing low and zero-carbon fuel to the massive and hard to abate iron ore shipping fleet out of the Pilbara. Oceania’s purpose is to supercharge a sustainable shipping industry, by connecting Australian natural and renewable resources to the world’s heaviest tonnage shipping route. Oceania's bunker vessel is designed to safely and reliably deliver marine fuel parcels to iron ore carriers. The bunker vessel is developed as a fully scalable solution applicable across multiple markets, initially focussed on the growing Australia-Asia trade route.

Meet the LETs Pitch Finalists

Focus: Carbon capture, storage, and utilisation
Technology: CO2 conversion system
Technology name: Annulus Core Reactor (ACR)

Airbridge is a privately owned Australian company with a globally patented, revolutionary technology that will help to save the planet, and provide opportunity for large industry to transform its processes to produce new carbon fed products, increasing value and providing an important market differentiator. Airbridge’s patented technology, the ‘Annulus Core Reactor (ACR)’, transforms carbon, and repurposes it into a range of high value, materials for industries including, but not limited to, agriculture, mining, construction, fuel, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

Focus: Recycling
Technology: Carbon conversion system
Technology name: Electromagnetic Induction Pyrolysis Technology

Carbon Recycle is a start-up engineering company integrating innovative electromagnetic induction pyrolysis technology that recovers end-of-life tyres and plastics to produce high quality ultra-low sulphur fuel, carbon black, and electricity. Carbon Recycle's Western Australian modular pyrolysis plant will be capable of processing 94 tonnes per day and will be the first of its type within the region. The plant will be located near densely populated centres and close to port infrastructure to reduce logistics cost and emissions.

Focus: Reduction of Scope 1, 2, 3 Carbon Emissions with Industry 4.0
Technology: Real-time Carbon Emissions Monitoring, Management, and Reduction platform
Technology name: CCR's Carbon Platform & Technology Ecosystem

CCR is a professional services company specialising in technology solutions that address global energy and emissions challenges. CCR combines cutting-edge tech with decades of sustainability expertise. CCR’s IoT, Edge-computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics ecosystem accurately measure Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in real-time. CCR’s carbon reduction plans secure users’ Net-Zero and Decarbonisation targets by revealing carbon intense hotspots and delivering actionable insights.

Focus: CO2 measurement and reduction platform
Technology: Carbon data analytics platform
Technology name: ClimateClever Platform

ClimateClever is a profit-for-purpose social enterprise that inspires action on climate change. The ClimateClever Platform helps businesses through the entire carbon reduction process, from accurately measuring and tracking their carbon emissions to identifying and implementing actions to reduce. Companies can also purchase offsets within the Platform as a one stop shop for those wanting to go carbon neutral. The platform can also aggregate supply chain emissions for businesses keen to understand their scope 3 emissions.


Focus: Carbon capture and storage
Technology: Floating carbon capture and storage hub
Technology name: CStore1

deepC Store is a commercial scale Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project developer and operator. deepC Store’s floating CCS hub technology, CStore1, utilises liquefied CO2 carriers and floating CO2 injection hub facilities to offtake CO2 from industrial emitters in the Asia Pacific region for permanent subsurface storage in offshore Australia. deepC Store and its multi-national industry partners pursue the CStore1 deployment to enable Asia Pacific’s first large-scale floating multi-user CCS hub project.

Focus: Energy efficiency
Technology: Energy data platform
Technology name: Numen

Ecocentric is a technology company which has developed a proprietary edge device and AI data analytics platform that continuously monitors and analyses critical electrical devices and infrastructure. Ecocentric’s Numen system learns the operation and behavioural patterns of devices and machines. Numen uses non-intrusive sensors to acquire high-frequency electrical data that is fed into machine learning and AI algorithms, enabling the system to identify individual machines and devices, monitor their performance and predict faults.

Focus: Hydrogen, Electrification, Fuel Switching
Technology: H2 unmanned vehicle
Technology name: Lycaon Unmanned Electric Vehicle

Lycaon Solutions is an engineering and technology company that specialises in control systems, industrial technology, and autonomous systems. Lycaon Solutions has designed and constructed a prototype unmanned general-purpose electric ground vehicle, which could feature decentralised autonomous capability and centralised remote-control per user discretion. There are additional options to fit hydrogen fuel cell technology and provide an open-source standalone renewable charging station to create more pathways for research.

Focus: Wave energy
Technology: Wave energy converter
Technology name: Duelling Spar

ROC Technologies is a leading ocean energy developer based in Western Australia that has used proven methods from the oil & gas industry to create the first wave energy converter “D-Spar” that is truly scalable, commercially viable & durable.