National Resources Data Initiative - Industry Workshops

Image: Satellite ASTER Geoscience map of iron oxide composition (CSIRO)

Open Data Discovery Project

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council agreed in July 2015 to pursue a work program for improved access to and increased utility of resources data. A key feature of the work program is the development of a national Resources Data Initiative (RDI), which aims to improve decision-making, inform debate and facilitate closer engagement across the resources sector, by drawing on the full range of geoscientific and environmental data.

Obtaining access to data across the public and private sector presents a significant non-financial barrier to the resources industry, both onshore and offshore.

  • Since the COAG Energy Council meeting, Stage One of the RDI was delivered in June 2016. This demonstrated both the technical feasibility and cost-benefit of the initiative, which is expected to provide upwards of $75 million net benefit from mid-2019 onwards.
  • RDI Stage Two is currently underway and will deliver integrated data delivery by June 2018 between the Commonwealth, State and Northern Territory Governments, underpinned by nationally agreed standards for terminology and data formats.
  • Collaboration between government and industry begins in October 2016, to ensure that the RDI is focused on delivering outcomes that provide the greatest benefit for the investment.

The RDI is governed by a Steering Committee, comprising the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Prime Minister and Cabinet, Geoscience Australia, the National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator and representatives from the State and Northern Territory Governments. The RDI utilises the expertise of the Digital Transformation Office to ensure integration with Australia’s broader digital reform agenda.

Industry Workshops

NERA is facilitating industry participation at workshops in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth for industry to provide inputs on their data needs, to better enable whole-of- government information sharing and streamlined compliance for industry.