Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA)

There is more than $50 billion of necessary decommissioning work to be done on Australia’s offshore oil and gas infrastructure, over half of which needs to be started within the next ten years.

NERA launched the Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) in conjunction with industry as an independent centre for decommissioning in Australia. CODA is helping to build an innovative, collaborative and technology-led approach to harness the nation's decommissioning challenge as an economic, environmental and social opportunity.

Built on the foundation of collaboration, CODA connects technology innovators, research organisations and governments to support joint projects, knowledge transfer and innovations.

CODA is dedicated to driving innovation and efficiency of activities and creating long-term local jobs from decommissioning, recycling or repurposing, while also supporting decarbonisation of late-life offshore oil and gas assets.

Through collaborative and coordinated action, CODA aims to:

  • support safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive decommissioning outcomes
  • pursue a reduction in decommissioning costs through cross-industry collaboration, planning, and implementation of best practice approaches
  • optimise the recycling and reuse of infrastructure
  • maximise opportunities for the local workforce, service and technology companies
  • build a world-class domestic decommissioning industry able to support needs across the Asia Pacific region.

Executive Summary

Report: Offshore Oil and Gas
Decommissioning Liability

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CODA Projects

CODA's series of foundation projects are designed to rapidly accelerate cross-industry understanding of our decommissioning challenge.

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