Commercialising innovative digital twin technology

Through a series of industry pilot projects, NERA is supporting Perth-headquartered Engineering and Asset Management specialists Pressure Dynamics to commercialise their unique PDItech© technology.

PDItech© applies machine learning to multi-functional ‘digital twin’ models and simulations to enable increased reliability, availability, energy efficiency, and productivity of industry assets in the energy and resources sectors.

Hydraulic and Electro-mechanical equipment and systems are commonly applied in the energy (and mining) sectors to drive or control process-critical components of the operation. Equipment breakdowns and other system issues can be costly, time consuming to repair and potentially halt production.

Through this project, Pressure Dynamics will develop and demonstrate a pilot test system, representative of the Hydraulic and Electro-mechanical systems that Pressure Dynamics manufactures and maintains for the energy and mining sectors.

The project will build on Pressure Dynamics’ innovative and proprietary technologies to model, simulate and analyse the multi-disciplinary functions of fluid power systems, including hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, structural/mechanical and controls. These models are invaluable for assessing and verifying system performance, conducting functional performance analysis, and performing desktop troubleshooting and performance optimisation.

These models are calibrated with real-life operating data as collated from condition monitoring sensors, and data collected from systems when creating fault conditions. The technology is configured to capture real-time data, which can be analysed for failure inception, performance degradation and functional failure.

Consequently, predictive modelling of unacceptable system performance and subsequent failure, and the ability to determine when maintenance activities, can be conducted for optimal timing and cost.

The PDItech© technology is prescriptive as, in addition to reporting all faults, it has the capability to identify the root cause of the fault.

Impact and Value

While quality-manufactured Hydraulic and Electro-mechanical systems typically have a reputation for being robust, reliable, and for their longevity, any breakdowns can be costly and time-consuming to repair. Pressure Dynamics’ PDItech© technology has the potential to increase system reliability of industry assets to improve both safety and operational performance.

With support from NERA, Pressure Dynamics will commercialise the PDItech© technology to assess and verify system performance, conduct functional performance analysis, and perform desktop troubleshooting and performance optimisation.

The PDItech© technology will be available across the breadth of the energy and resources sector, both nationally and internationally. This project is:

  • commercialising Australian research, retaining IP in Australia
  • establishing the differentiation and competitive advantage of Original Equipment Manufacture systems to be sold domestically and into export markets
  • determining the root cause of asset performance, enabling targeted and timed maintenance activities for optimal scheduling and cost
  • increasing reliability and increasing productivity of Energy and Resources Industry assets

Project Timeframe

Start: July 2020

End: 30 June 2023


Project Funding

Total Project Cost: $500,000

NERA: $250,000

Pressure Dynamics: $250,000

*Funding excludes GST