Converting tight contingent CSG resources

About the project

In the presence of tight coal reserves with low permeability, traditional resource extraction methods often deliver inefficient results. Recognising this issue, this project will create a methodology for the use of a new resource recovery method utilising graded particle injection (GPI).

The underlying premise of GPI is the injection of micron-scale particles into tight coal reserves to prop open fractures, prevent fracture closure and maintain permeability to ultimately recover the present gas reserves. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of resource recovery.


Large quantities of CSG resources in Eastern Australia are currently locked up in tight coal formations. This project has the potential to unlock some of these resources, supplying additional gas reserves to the east coast market and internationally. In addition, this technology might be applicable for other naturally fractured, unconventional resources (e.g. tight gas, shale gas).

The project will publish a predictive modelling and application design strategy to benefit other members of the energy resources sector.

Project Timeframe

Start: March 2018

End: December 2021

Project Funding

Total Project Cost: $361,000

NERA: $180,500

Industry: $180,500

*Funding excludes GST