Creating global pathways

Facilitating international engagement opportunities for Australian SMEs

We know there can be enormous flow-on benefits from assisting Australian companies access international markets. However, despite Australia being a significant player in the global oil and gas industry, for SMEs and innovators in the national energy supply chain, finding a voice on the world stage is extremely difficult, with opportunities into global markets scarce.

This is why NERA is helping to address this issue by opening doors, making introductions and providing local entrepreneurs and innovative companies with the tools they need to turbo-charge their international growth prospects.

Through our international exchange programs, we are helping forge valuable international market pathways between global energy ecosystems to accelerate international growth and create opportunities for Australian energy technology innovators and start-ups.

“Encouraging and promoting Australia’s best small businesses and entrepreneurs will bring significant benefits for the nation. For every single job created in Australia’s oil and gas industry, 10 more are supported across the economy. So when energy grows, Australia thrives.”

— Miranda Taylor, NERA CEO





Scroll through the below to discover how our international engagement programs are facilitating access to international markets — including field trials, customer validation and analysis, and increasing exposure to early stage investment markets — which is critical for fast-growing high-potential businesses.

SPE Offshore Europe 2019

In September 2019, four of Australia’s leading energy innovators — Cumulus Projects, Frontier Automation, iSOL8 and Mapizy — were connected with global supply chain networks at SPE Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition in Aberdeen from 3-6 September 2019 as part of a collaborative 10-day Tech Xchange program developed by NERA in conjunction with the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) and Station Houston.

Joining NERA and their counterparts, the Australian innovators participated in a curated program specifically designed to build international relationships and forge valuable supply chain connections. The four Australian representatives joined technology innovators from across the globe at the brand-new OE Start-up Village, powered by TechX, where they battled their way through the ‘Pitch Pit’ to showcase their technologies.

As well as attending SPE Offshore Europe, the Tech Xchange program included a tour of the North East’s start-up ecosystem, stopping at the OGTC, Elevator and ONE Codebase, and attending meetings with industry experts and influencers such as TechX Pioneers, investors, operators and service companies.

Meet the innovators

“The ability to network, display our technology and get exposure was a chance in a lifetime. The tour has been a fantastic opportunity for us.”

— Craig Power, iSOL8 Managing Director

Offshore Technology Conference 2019

In May 2019, Australian tech pioneers A60N, AiSpanner, Cumulus Projects and MyPass became the first participants in an exciting new international program that took them to Houston to attend the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) — the largest oil and gas conference in the world — as part of the collaborate global energy technology exchange program delivered by NERA, The Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), Station Houston and Unearthed.

The Australian startups joined their UK counterparts RAB Microfluidics and TenzorGeo to engage in a custom program developed by Station Houston to complement the OTC experience, including workshops, networking events and meetings with leaders from industry, academia, government and global energy technology ecosystems.

Meet the innovators

“Many supermajors have global headquarters in Houston, or at a minimum a substantial presence. The people we met were very open to discussing our product and also making introductions to others within their own business networks. The RICE Startup Roundup Office Hours was by far the highlight for us.

Further to this was the schedule of meetings organised by NERA, Unearthed and Station Houston. The camaraderie and support of the full cohort made the tour so much more enjoyable.”

— Steven Cocks, Cumulus Projects Founder

Gastech 2018

In 2018, NERA led the Smart Australia: Take Local Global Program at Gastech 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, selecting ten SMEs who represent a diverse spectrum of innovative services and products to take part in Smart Australia.

The tailored industry program was designed to ‘take local global’ and showcase Australia’s capability across the oil and gas supply chain. It delivered a customised workshop and bespoke mentoring experience that enabled participants to identify in-market opportunities, scope relevant commercial and financial strategies and equip participants with the skills, language and tools required to translate these into tangible commercial outcomes.

As part of Australia's first-ever country pavilion at Gastech, NERA brought the country's top energy and gas technology innovators together to deliver a strong showcase of local innovation, talent and future capability to the world stage, showing the benefits of collaboration across the supply chain. The Australian pavilion — Australia's first-ever country pavilion at Gastech — helped provide a launch pad for the 'Team Australia' delegation, which featured the 10 participating Smart Australia SMEs and other organisations from across Australia’s energy resources sector, to connect with the global supply chain.

Australasian Oil and Gas Conference & Exhibition

In March 2020, a selection of innovators from the OGTC joined NERA in Perth for the Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition & Conference (AOG), marking the final leg of the international TechXchange journey. These companies were TenzorGEO, Resolute Energy Solutions, and Test1.

      The companies participated in NERA's SME ConnectER Program, which ran from 11 to 12 March and provided a curated selection of more than 30 SMEs with an exhibitor pod for one day at the conference, as well as the opportunity to pitch their solutions in 60 seconds or less to the wider AOG audience twice daily.

      Participating companies were provided with a workshop and coaching to refine their value proposition and pitching skills, and ideas on how to make the most of their time and investment at a large conference.

      The SME pitch sessions gave innovators a genuine opportunity to share their products and services to AOG stakeholders and continue conversations about their technology at their exhibitor pods.

      Below is a full list of the 2020 SME ConnectER participants.

      Day 1 SMEs

      1. AiSpanner
      2. Cobalt Extreme
      3. Euclideon
      4. Exploration Drill Rigs (XDR)
      5. MyPass Global
      6. Offshore Simulation
      7. CRISM
      8. EPIC Service
      9. Frontier Automation
      10. Genesis Petroleum Technologies
      11. O2 Metocean
      12. Priori Analytica
      13. Resolute Energy Solutions
      14. Silverhorse Technologies
      15. Tendeka
      16. Volco Minerals

      Day 2 SMEs

      1. A60N
      2. AdditiveNow
      3. Biarri EMI
      4. Camp Connect
      5. Chironix
      6. Cumulus Projects
      7. DIGATEX
      8. Frontier Automation
      9. IAS Group
      10. iSOL8
      11. OLEOLOGY
      12. Renewable Ready
      13. Sentient Computing
      14. SixDe
      15. TenzorGEO
      16. Test1