Lab61: Bringing robotics, students and industry together

NERA is supporting the establishment of Lab61 — Australia’s first dedicated robotics skills, training and education facility that is proudly female and indigenous led.

Lab61 was established in response to industry’s growing need to access a diverse and highly skilled workforce. Importantly, it aims to influence, educate and inspire the next generation in the rapidly emerging fields of robotics, engineering and technology through industry-led programs, hands-on experience and equal opportunity.

The organisation works with companies, governments and individuals to help them adapt faster to understanding and using new robotics and technology.

Possessing extensive expertise in robotics, Lab61 have already established networks with schools, tertiary institutions and the resource and engineering sectors. Lab61 also aims to assist industry to change through the application of technology and creating career pathways and upskilling training programs.


Each Lab61 program aims to help:

  • Attract the interest of younger primary-school-aged students through the robotics academy;
  • Provide further learning for secondary-school students through work experience programs;
  • Empower and enable engineering graduates to start their career on the front foot through mentoring and industry placement programs; and
  • Maintain skills currency post-employment through skilling and upskilling programs

Lab61 is currently seeking long-term partnerships with industry, government and educational organisations. For more information visit the Lab61 website.

Project Partners


Project Timeframe

Start: July 2021

End: June 2022


Project Funding

Total Project Cost: $1,000,000

NERA: $250,000

Industry: $750,000

*Funding excludes GST