Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia (SICA)

Strength in numbers

About the project

This project has helped form the Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia (SICA) — a unique business model created by the coming together of Australian companies and research institutions who specialise in subsea Inspection Maintenance and Repair (IMR).

SICA has been formed to address the challenges specific to the Australian oil and gas subsea industry. Due to Australia's remote operating environment and ambient conditions, operators in the region have face highly specific challenges not found anywhere else in the world.

SICA has gathered together a range of operators, service companies and research institutions who possess the specialised knowledge and skills to better address these challenges. The technical collaboration between SICA members enables enhanced solutions, something that stand-alone vendors may not be able to achieve in isolation. Results of the SICA collaboration are anticipated to be transformative to the local industry. SICA also provides enhanced access to government R&D funds through an improved ability to collectively conceive of, bid for and manage research-linked IMR technology projects.

The initial focus of SICA is the subsea IMR sector. As this cluster grows, it will expand its focus to other subsea sectors where the Australian industry displays unique capabilities and competence.

The cluster provides academia with additional insights into the regional challenges faced by the industry and the opportunity to work with industry suppliers and service companies to develop innovative and practical solutions leading to value generation with high impact in the oil and gas industry.

Sharing experiences to tackle unique challenges


With project support, SICA can raise the profile of Australia's subsea industry regionally and globally, promoting its specialised IMR knowledge and skills and strengthening its competitive advantages. Showcasing Australian industry to the world will offer a significant benefit to state and federal government through increased employment and improved export earnings. Establishing Australia as the world leader in the IMR oil and gas industry is paramount to exporting knowledge and know-how via Australian service companies.

This will lead to industry growth through:

  • increased revenue / profitability amongst partnership / member companies
  • increased number of employees amongst partnership / member companies
  • more innovative solutions developed and implemented in the industry
  • reduction in operating costs of subsea infrastructure
  • growth in collaboration between the subsea industry and the research institutions.

Project Partners

Project Timeframe

Start: October 2017

End: June 2022; however, SICA is an ongoing initiative.

Project Funding

Total project: $1,183,000

NERA: $591,000

Industry: $591,000

*Funding excludes GST.