WA Data Science Innovation Hub

Enabling data science in WA

The WA Data Science Innovation Hub (WADSIH) — a Western Australian Government initiative supported by Curtin University — connects industry to universities, ensuring the transfer of knowledge across various sectors impacted by digital disruption. NERA, together with METS Ignited and Bankwest, is proud to be a Foundation Member of the Hub.

In 2018, the WA Government allocated $400,000 (as part of its 'New Industries Fund' to establish the WADSIH at Curtin University, which was launched in October 2018.

The mission of the Hub is to enable Western Australia to build jobs by developing a data driven ecosystem and culture through fostering collaboration, promoting expertise, advocating and enabling data literacy across the community, industry, academia and government.


  • Access to specialist data science capabilities in universities and other research organisations
  • Assisting in generating a supply of trained graduates and provision of up-skilling programs
  • The translation of data science capabilities from mature sectors to emerging sectors


  • Advocating data science opportunities to government, industry and community
  • Facilitating collaboration and building the data science community in WA


Project Timeframe

Start: January 2019

End: December 2020


Project Funding

Total Project Cost: $1,427,000

NERA: $40,000

Industry & Government: $1,387,000