Wireless Industrial Sensor Environment Program

Accelerating the digitisation of the energy resources sector

The WISE Program helps members and SME partners evaluate new cost-effective sensor technologies, accelerating their ability to efficiently analyse appropriate solutions to deliver innovative efficiencies across their supply chains.

This project is enabling WISE to support use-case pilot projects with a range of industry and SME participants to identify, test and develop their new cost-effective technologies in a collaborative and controlled environment. The technology — including sensors, network connectivity, scalable data fabrics, visualisation and analytic tools — can then be translated and deployed back into the business at a lower cost and with quantifiable outcomes assured.

The WISE program is supporting the development of appropriate test protocols, access or develop supporting technologies and interfaces, develop deployment models and deliver training for implementation, while also offering opportunity for SMEs to participate in industry driven projects and demonstrate their capabilities to potential clients.


The collaborative and knowledge sharing approach of WISE is encouraging the involvement of SMEs in the provision of goods and services. It is also creating stronger networks and linkages across all stakeholders and maximising industry and government investment into R&D by avoiding duplication.

Additionally, industry participants can utilise and test their wireless sensor model prior to procurement and implementation, enabling them to select and deploy appropriate, proven wireless sensor technology with confidence that the desired outcomes will be delivered.

  • Accelerates data capture, storage and analytics know-how
  • Provides a platform, model and vehicle to support direct, industry-driven research and innovation


  • Identifies technologically driven solutions that benefit the energy resources industry and greater Australian economy
  • Helps streamline the adoption of innovative tech by the Australian energy resources sector


Project Timeframe

Start: January 2019

End: December 2020


Project Funding

Total Project Cost: $546,000

NERA: $261,000

Industry: $285,000

*Funding excludes GST