NERA joins CO2CRC as its inaugural Associate Member

18 September 2020

NERA is pleased to join CO2CRC, Australia’s leading carbon capture, utilisation and storage research organisation, as its first associate member company.

David Byers, CEO of CO2CRC, said “NERA is an industry leader and an important stakeholder for the development and implementation for Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”.

“While we have been working closely with NERA since its inception, we are very pleased to now formalise this relationship and look forward to NERA contributing to CO2CRC’s work program,” said Mr Byers.

NERA’s membership coincides with the commencement of a landmark study into carbon capture, utilisation and storage, which will provide insight to industry and government on potential opportunities and economics for CO2-EOR and its associated CO2 storage capacity at field level in key Australian onshore basins.

NERA will also join CO2CRC’s CCS Policy Forum and work together with other CO2CRC member companies to share policy and technology options to help address the barriers and gaps that are holding back greater investment in CCUS in Australia. The CCS Policy Forum will work with governments, industry, and other stakeholders to progress suitable policy settings and a regulatory framework to accelerate the development and deployment of CCS technology in Australia, providing large-scale, permanent carbon abatement and emissions reduction.

Miranda Taylor, NERA CEO, said that joining CO2CRC forms part of NERA’s remit to help Australia successfully navigate the energy transition by leveraging its existing capabilities to build a sustainable, high-tech and low-carbon future.

“CCUS is a proven technology and the collaboration between CO2CRC and its members will deliver better and more cost-effective technologies of key importance in stimulating investment in the sector. NERA is proud to be working together with CO2CRC to help open up new emissions reduction opportunities across the Australian economy.”

About CO2CRC

CO2CRC is Australia’s leading carbon capture, utilisation and storage research organisation. It owns and operates the Otway National Research Facility in Victoria, one of the most advanced field scale CCUS research sites globally. Through collaboration with internationally respected industry, academic and government partners, CO2CRC delivers innovative research, products and service designed to improve the cost-effectiveness and demonstrate the environmental integrity of CCUS technologies and methodologies.