Exciting growth trajectory for NERA tech alumni — Chironix

17 May 2019

It was a case of robots to the ready when NERA’s team connected with the latest addition to the Chironix family — Onyx — who was officially unveiled at the CORE Innovation Hub on 16 May 2019.

The celebration was two-fold: to introduce Onyx and to congratulate Chironix — an innovative tech company and member of NERA’s innovation ecosystem who are developing industry-leading expertise in data engineering and machine learning implementations for defence, medical and the resources sectors.

Chironix is a recent recipient of the 2018 NERA Leap Voucher Program, designed to help innovative SMEs to overcome barriers to commercialisation.

NERA’s funding and industry support have enabled Chironix to overcome barriers to commercialising their technology and get their industry solutions into the hands of decision-makers.

"The NERA Leap Voucher has enhanced our ability to provide solutions to industry challenges that allow our autonomous systems to make work safer, operate more effectively and can scale in an enterprise environment," said Daniel Milford, Managing Director at Chironix.

The game-changing potential of this technology has now helped Chironix secure a contract with the United State Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop and demonstrate a technology system that will significantly improve outcomes for casualties in the field.

Back at home in Perth, Onyx represents the company’s robotics technology progress. Designed as an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), Onyx can transport a patient on a NATO-grade stretcher to receive critical care, allowing a patient to receive the necessary medical attention while being transported to a medical node in dangerous environments.

With the help of Onyx, the Chironix team will further develop their robotics and automation software in the coming months.

Daniel asserted, "Onyx allows Chironix to present high-level autonomy, navigation, three-dimensional modelling, lidar data integration and mobile manipulation. We can deliver autonomous systems as a robotics solution”.

NERA is pleased to be part of the Chironix journey, helping the innovative robotics company to expand their robotics fleet and overcome barriers to commercialisation. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future, and to congratulate them on their graduation from the NERA-supported RISE Accelerator Program in early June.