New webinar series: Powering Growth & Profitability Through Intangible Assets

26 October 2022

If you don’t understand what assets are driving your competitive edge, how can you maximise their potential?

NERA has partnered with global intangible asset advisory firm EverEdge Global to deliver a three-part webinar series that will provide insights, case studies and practical advice on how to identify key intangible assets within your business and leverage them to fuel growth, profitability, and margins.

Each session will run for an hour, starting at 10am AWST / 1130am ACST / 1230pm ACDT / 1pm AEDT.

Click the links below to register for each session: 

Each session can be attended independently, but content will also link together to provide an in-depth look at how to leverage these assets to drive growth and profitability.

Powering Growth: Identifying & Protecting Your Intangible Assets
3 November | 10am AWST

The speed of innovation has never been faster. However, a challenge for many companies is how to scale quickly, while at the same time making sure you have the right measures in place to protect your business and the intangible assets (such as data, brand, confidential information, approvals & certifications, software and inventions) you create along the way.

Join this online session to hear from EverEdge Managing Director Joel Hanrahan, who will share insights, case studies and practical advice on:

  • What are intangible assets and why are they so critical to scaling a business?
  • How to identify and assess your intangible assets
  • Key intangible asset risks and how to mitigate them
  • How to protect your assets when preparing to export

Fuelling Profitability: How to Commercialise Intangible Assets
17 November | 10am AWST

In today’s knowledge economy, value is often driven through innovative intangible assets, which means that deployment is not necessarily the strategy that will create the highest return on investment. Instead, higher margin returns are increasingly owned by those who license or sell their assets, either instead of, or in addition to, solely deploying their technology, product, or service.

Join this online session to hear from EverEdge Managing Director Joel Hanrahan, who will share insights, case studies and practical advice on:

How to determine what commercialisation strategies are right for your business
Unlocking value through licensing agreements
How to avoid IP infringements when commercialising your assets

Strength in Numbers: How to Value Your Business
1 December | 10am AWST

A pitfall many companies fall into when establishing a valuation is coming up with an arbitrary number (“we are raising $10M and I don’t want to give away more than 33% so we are worth $30M”) or based on the hope that an investor will accept the company’s (sometimes speculative) financial projections.

Both these approaches ignore the critical impact intangible assets (such as data, brand, confidential information, industry expertise, relationships, software, and approvals & certifications) have on a company’s value that can be orders of magnitude greater than factors such as historical cost of development or forecast cashflows.

Join this online session to hear from EverEdge Managing Director Joel Hanrahan, who will share insights, case studies and practical advice on:

  • How to leverage intangible assets to drive higher valuations
  • When and how to value your intangible assets
  • How to articulate your value to investors or stakeholders

About EverEdge

EverEdge is a global intangible asset advisory, corporate finance, and investment firm. Today, intangible assets account for 90% of enterprise value for companies in the S&P 500. EverEdge helps companies and investors unlock the value of these intangible assets and reduce intangible asset risk by identifying, strategising, valuing, and monetising intangible assets.

About Joel Hanrahan, Managing Director, EverEdge Global

Joel is a Managing Director at EverEdge. He helps innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders of companies, and capital providers globally convert Intangible Assets into business impact: increased margins, market share and enterprise value. 

Joel has significant global experience with market-leading firms including PwC, KPMG, Telstra, Ashurst and Computershare. He has led programs of work across industries as diverse as physical infrastructure, cybersecurity, data governance, renewable energy, financial services, investment banking, private equity and insurance.  

He is a specialist in leading and advising organisations in phases of substantial development, specifically major revenue-growth programs across multiple jurisdictions, service lines and involving large groups of varied stakeholders.