Applications for NERA's 2018 Leap Vouchers are now open

18 September 2018


NERA is pleased to announce the release of its 2018 Leap Vouchers with funding totalling $240,000 to assist Australian SMEs innovate, collaborate and overcome different barriers to commercialisation.

Applications are now open and this year NERA is looking for 12 SMEs and innovators to drive competitiveness, productivity and sustainability across Australia’s energy resources sector. Valued at $20,000 each, the 2018 Leap Vouchers will be awarded to individuals or SMEs with innovations that can solve a challenge within Australia’s energy resources sector.

Applicants wishing to apply or seek further information can visit here for more details.

NERA Chief Executive Miranda Taylor said the 2018 Leap Vouchers are designed to help SMEs and innovators identify and overcome barriers to commercialising new technology, and to develop, modify and/or pilot their product with a potential client.

NERA’s 2018 Leap Vouchers follow the success of the 2017 Innovation Voucher Program, which awarded $180,000 to inspiring and ground-breaking small businesses looking for assistance to enter or succeed within Australia’s energy resources supply chain. Nine SMEs received $20,000 and offered a range of solutions to industry, including products that deliver safer operations, digital solutions for personnel mobility, as well as applications for drone technology.

“The innovations we saw through the 2017 Innovation Vouchers are an outstanding demonstration of what Australia can do for the energy resources sector, particularly in response to higher energy costs, lower emissions and the shift towards renewable energy sources and clean technology,” Ms Taylor said.

“Leap Vouchers work as a stepping stone to making a great idea possible, offering SMEs and innovators a chance to showcase their product and demonstrate what they can achieve when they overcome the barriers that limit their success."

Applications for the 2018 Leap Vouchers are now open and will be accepted up until 30 October 2018. Applicants will be advised in mid-November regarding the status of their application. Each Leap Voucher provides an SME or innovator with $20,000 that must be matched with a cash contribution, providing a total minimum of $40,000 in funding.

NERA’s Leap Voucher is a national program, and we invite innovative SMEs from across Australia to apply.