Launch of WA Blueprint for Marine Science

02 June 2016

Improved collaboration for the sustainable management of our marine environment

NERA is delighted to be supporting a best practice model of stakeholder engagement on science in the marine environment. The Blueprint Initiative is the creation of the members of the WA Premiers Round table for marine science supported by preliminary work undertaken by the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) joint venture partners.

  • The Round Table partners have helped begin the ‘Blueprint for Marine Science Initiative’ as a way to create multi-sector collaboration in an area that underpins all of our businesses.
  • This initiative puts industry and stakeholders from other industry sectors, government, regulators, community and researchers all in the same room to share the development of solutions to problems that affect energy resource sector activities in the marine environment.
  • We are convinced that by working together we can deliver efficiencies, share costs and avoid duplication in science activities in shared areas of interest.
  • We are also confident that by working together we can see a much greater impact for the science we fund or deliver, ensuring that we get the information needed to enable good decisions on both effective protection and sustainable growth in our shared marine environment
  • By working together, we are also building much stronger relationships with industry stakeholders who have their own interests in the ocean we are all sharing. This can only lead to improved discussions and outcomes about policy into the future.
  • We have committed to work collaboratively on making these improvements, changing our own activities to support new better ways, and bringing others to the table to broaden the benefits of this important work.
  • We will be working with other partners and colleagues to encourage them to join us in the Blueprint for Marine Science Initiative.

Additional Links

To find out more visit the Blueprint for Marine Science Initiative or email the Blueprint Initiative directly at