SME workshops sharpen export focus

17 March 2019

In the past month, we've collaborated to bring two helpful, interactive and engaging workshops to the energy resources community: the Technology Deployment workshop and the futuremap® workshop.

Technology deployment: how to get it done and maximise outcomes

Led by technology deployment expert Erik Nijveld, Managing Director of Deployment Matters, the technology deployment workshop was held at CORE Innovation Hub basement on 19 March 2019. The one-day workshop was a great opportunity for people from all technology backgrounds to learn about what it takes to get technology deployed, including the technical and business drivers that ensure success, and how to position technology accordingly. 

Participants were separated into groups to perform group exercises, such as sharing challenges hindering technology acceptance and deployment, and performing The Technology Stress Test. The Stress Test exercise involved workshopping several technologies and performing a gap analysis to identify where the strengths and weaknesses of offerings were ranked. The activity solicited important discussions, prompting participants to analyse their business's current methods for technology deployment. 

The interactive workshop explored how to use the right tools and processes to effectively address business challenges with technology, the critical success factors for making deployments happen, and how to organise the technology delivery in line with these critical factors.

From technology suppliers to university students, this valuable workshop offered something for everybody and opened up opportunities for networking and collaboration. Each workshop participant walked away with a better understanding of how to successfully deploy their technology, as well as an introduction to the benefits of the Technology Catalogue, which has huge potential for stakeholders around the world. 

Did you miss the workshop? Find out more about Deployment Matters and their Technology Catalogue here.

futuremap® workshop: future-proofing Australian SMEs

NERA partnered with the Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC), a Cooperative Research Centre that helps Australian businesses increase their global relevance through industry-led research in advanced and digital manufacturing (Industry 4.0), to bring the futuremap® workshop to AOG2019. The interactive workshop, led by IMCRC CEO and Managing Director David Chuter, helped participating SMEs to assess their maturity levels and capabilities of their business in the areas of:

  • Market positioning;
  • Leadership, strategy and change management;
  • Innovation and use of technology; and
  • Digital Manufacturing.

Driven by the question What does a successful business operating in the oil and gas sector of the future look like? David challenged participants to think differently about their organisation and the opportunities that digital technologies and new business models pose for businesses.

As well as de-mystifying industry buzzwords such as Industry 4.0, digitalisation and servitisation, David guided participants through futuremap®, a diagnostic tool that helps users assess and understand the current state of their business, as well as identify areas of focus and potential investment to transform and future-proof their business. 

With cross-industry applicability, futuremap® prompts SMEs to look beyond the oil and gas industry boundaries and explore new technologies and data-driven services, as well as digitising essential functions of their operations to meet the demands of today’s economy.