NERA presents WA innovator Pressure Dynamics with SEA Industry Innovation and Technology Award

19 November 2019

NERA has joined subsea industry leaders, entrepreneurs and collaborators to celebrate the future of energy technology innovation, presenting the Industry Innovation and Technology Award to WA innovator Pressure Dynamics as part of the 2019 Australian Subsea Business Awards.

The Awards ceremony, held at the Perth Town Hall, recognised the talent and skill in the Australian subsea industry through awards in the categories of Collaboration, Industry Innovation & Technology, Emerging Talent, Diversity & Inclusion and, new in 2019, Company of the Year.

As Australia’s growth centre for energy resources and a strong supporter of Subsea Energy Australia (SEA) and the subsea industry, NERA was a proud advocate for the awards, which recognise and celebrate innovative products or services within the subsea sector that demonstrate market penetration and growth.

The three short-listed finalists of the Industry Innovation & Technology Award were Baker Hughes, Neptune Subsea Engineering and Pressure Dynamics.

With an expected increase in demand for subsea projects in Australia, Perth-based Pressure Dynamics’ Subsea Accumulator project with Woodside Energy resonated with the judges, who recognised their innovative, cost-effective and customisable technology solution.

NERA CEO Miranda Taylor says that NERA was proud to sponsor the award to celebrate and support innovative local tech for the global market.

“For NERA, sponsoring the Industry Innovation and Technology Award was about recognising and supporting the local businesses that offer innovative and novel technology solutions to global challenges.”

“We were pleased to present the award to Pressure Dynamics for their Subsea Accumulator Module that has enormous potential for the subsea industry and for Australia, and we hope that recognition through the award will help their business continue to grow and create more jobs for Australians.”

Snezan Mackic, Managing Director of Pressure Dynamics, comments:

“Winning the NERA Industry Innovation and Technology Award epitomises what we do here at Pressure Dynamics. We collaborate with our clients, working with them to deliver an innovative, fit-for-purpose solution, meeting their objectives within budget and deadline.”

“We seek every opportunity to excel for our Specialist Hydraulic & Lifting Solutions and we pride ourselves for producing Original Equipment Manufacture equipment and systems that we design, engineer, and build locally in Australia.”

“This award is not just for Pressure Dynamics — we must acknowledge the major contributions from Woodside Energy for this project.”

Introducing Pressure Dynamics’ award-winning technology

Pressure Dynamics’ innovative technology, a first for Australia, is designed to preserve the life of subsea oil recovery pumps. When in-situ, subsea accumulators of a Floating, Production and Storage Offloading (FPSO) vessel require recharging on a six-week rotation. The Subsea Accumulator Module (SAM) effectively removes the recharge requirement of the accumulators, allowing for wireless monitoring of the hydraulic system pressures throughout the off-station maintenance of the FPSO vessel.

The SAMs provide regulated hydraulic energy to subsea assets, successfully avoiding system depressurisation, brine and other contaminants into the system. A wireless battery powered subsea communications system allows the operator to view both the accumulator and regulated output pressures to accurately trend pressure loss over time.

The outcome of Pressure Dynamics’ game-changing solution meant that the FPSO previously providing hydraulic energy to subsea equipment could be off-station for up to 13 months without the need for recharging the subsea accumulators every six weeks, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and material cost savings for the client.

With the SAM now proven in-field, Pressure Dynamics looks to bring this customisable solution to the wider subsea industry both locally and internationally.

About Pressure Dynamics

Pressure Dynamics is a Specialist Hydraulics & Lifting Solutions and services contractor and are specialist engineers for the

  • design, manufacture, installation and commissioning
  • inspection, maintenance and repair
  • storage, maintenance, and preservation
  • asset management and condition monitoring
  • reliability engineering and engineering consulting
  • modelling, simulation, and training

of innovative, industry-leading, fit-for-purpose hydraulic and electromechanical equipment and controls systems for the

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Infrastructure
  • Power & Utilities
  • Defence

market sectors.

Pressure Dynamics seeks every opportunity to demonstrate its hydraulic, lifting and electro-mechanical expertise and customer service, and to create value for its customers through:

  1. Reliability — maximise up-time of equipment and assets
  2. Productivity — maximising output of equipment and assets
  3. Managing risk — delivering and maintaining quality, cost-effective and safe equipment and assets.