NERA and announce new promotion package for Australian technology solution providers

22 April 2020

Australian energy technology suppliers rely on exhibitions, conferences and trade shows to promote their technologies into domestic and overseas markets.

With these opportunities either cancelled or postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19, NERA has teamed up with to offer a technology promotional package to help innovators reach end-users and deploy their solutions during these unprecedented times.

Through NERA’s support, eligible Australian technology suppliers who register with the Australian Technology Catalogue will receive complimentary premium support services for a limited time, plus expert coaching and advice to identify end-users and maximise commercial opportunities through the global Technology Catalogue.

Registering to feature your technology on the Catalogue is FREE, and doing so before 8 May 2020 will allow you to unlock the premium services of the platform, including:

  • A 10-minute webinar session run by Technology Catalogue and promoted across their network of technology end-users in the global energy resources sector;
  • Access to website data to assist tracking prospective leads;
  • Tailored coaching on their product pitch in preparation for the webinar; and
  • For up to 10 registered companies, a Stress Test assessment on the effectiveness of their business’ deployment strategy, facilitated by a specialist.

The opportunities provided in this promotion package will only be made available to energy technology providers who are registered as a supplier on the Technology Catalogue on or before 8 May 2020. All suppliers with unique products and/or services that can assist the energy resources sector solve current and future challenges are encouraged to take part in this opportunity.

For more information on the Technology Catalogue and to register to take part in the promotion package opportunity, visit the Technology Catalogue here.

This offer is now closed.