Feedback sought on Australian decommissioning service and R&D capability

23 August 2019

As Australia steps closer to an estimated $30 billion in decommissioning activity, NERA is seeking feedback across two separate surveys on Australia’s service capabilities and our current R&D programs which might support oil and gas decommissioning activities. This information will also support Australia’s engagement with international trade opportunities, which are increasingly emerging.

A map of both capabilities will be published on NERA’s website and support international export engagement.

The surveys are now closed. Thank you for your feedback.

Decommissioning Capability Survey

NERA is collecting data on the existing capabilities of Australia's service sector and how these might support decommissioning of oil and gas structures. This means we are not just interested in companies that are already in the oil and gas supply chain, but those which may have experience in other industries (such as mining, waste management, defence, demolition and logistics).

Decommissioning Research and Development Survey

NERA also wants to understand the current landscape for research and development relating to decommissioning in Australia, including focus areas for emerging innovations. Feedback from this survey will be used to map Australia's research and development capabilities and how these might support decommissioning of oil and gas structures.

We are also seeking to build a better understanding of PhDs in progress.