Australia's Energy Resources Sector

$55 billion

total GVA of the energy resources sector

98,000 jobs

supported throughout the economy

Top 3 Exporter

of Liquefied Natural Gas, Coal and Uranium

With a total Gross Value Add (GVA) of $55 billion, our country has developed one of the strongest energy resources industries in the world — one that is creating and sustaining over 98,000 jobs. This value is expected to increase as the balance of the LNG facilities currently under construction come online.

Australia ranks as one of the top three global exporters of liquefied natural gas, coal and uranium.

NERA's vision covers the broad scope of energy resources, including oil and gas, and within that sector LNG, as well as supporting technologies and innovations relating to efficient and clean energy, renewables, hydrogen and future fuels.

Our strategic focus involves accelerating the development, commercialisation and deployment of technologies that support and enhance the exploration, development, extraction and production of more and cleaner energy resources for the benefit of the wider Australian economy.

NERA is uniquely positioned to assist our sector leverage its geographic advantages and respond to emerging global challenges that will transform the product and technology mix of successful energy resources industries over the coming decade.

Our work is assisting the energy resources sector fully and systematically benefit from the huge value to be had from Artificial Intelligence, digitisation and Industry 4.0. The digital transformation process for the oil and gas industry alone has the potential to unlock $1.6 trillion in value for the global industry. And our industry-led initiatives are working to ensure Australia is at the forefront of this opportunity.

Through a national focus, NERA creates connections for growth across the entire supply chain to innovate and transform the energy resources sector for the benefit of all Australians.

For every 1 job in the oil and gas industry, 10 more are created throughout the broader economy.

Preparing for future challenges

Despite Australia developing one of the strongest energy resources sectors in the world, today it is being challenged on the local and global stage like never before through increased international competition, geopolitics, shifting energy market conditions and accelerating technological change.

To monetise more resources, compete globally and ensure ongoing sector investment, we need to develop deeper operational expertise aligned with technological capabilities, and find new and innovative ways to operate. Our energy resources companies must adapt to an emerging new global business model and generate innovative solutions to genuine industry challenges at scale and speed.

But they cannot do it alone. This requires deeper engagement with the supply chain and a move to more performance-based contracts that include early and ongoing value creation and services. It also requires operators and miners to find effective and safe ways to reach beyond their existing supply chains to find, adapt and deploy those innovative solutions.

As an independent and industry-led research and knowledge organisation for Australia's energy resources, NERA is uniquely positioned to support our sector navigate the global headwinds by creating vital opportunities for collaboration and innovation and the successful commercialisation of knowledge and technology.

For more about NERA's vision and sector-wide activities, visit our About page.