NERA's Energy Innovators Podcast

About The Energy Innovators Podcast

Brought to you by NERA, The Energy Innovators Podcast is all about connecting you with some of the world-leading innovators who are working to power a diverse, decarbonised and digitised energy future for Australia.

Our energy landscape is changing rapidly, meaning it’s never been more important to develop a deep knowledge about how energy affects our daily lives. We know that an understanding of energy issues is critical to making informed decisions at household, community, industry and government levels, which means conversations about energy should be had just as much around the dining room table as the boardroom table.

In this podcast series, we’ll introduce you to the people who are leading these conversations both here in Australia and across the globe. In each episode of The Energy Innovators Podcast, you’ll meet the voices of those tech pioneers, disruptors and visionaries who are helping to lead the projects, ideas and actions that are making sector-wide transformational change happen.

Together they form part of NERA’s energy innovation ecosystem that is bringing industry, business, governments and innovators together to think differently about collaboration and innovation to deliver a prosperous energy future for us all.

We hope you enjoy discovering their stories and learning more about NERA’s country-wide activities support and promote these innovators and, in doing so, reflect our sector’s ambitions to deliver clean energy resources to Australia and the world and helps us achieve our vision of Australia as a global energy powerhouse, a sought-after destination for investment and a leading source of knowledge and solutions.

31. Creating connections for collaboration and business growth

Driving business by getting in front of new connections is vitally important for today’s SMEs. In this episode, we speak to some of Australia’s innovators about the difficulties they have faced when trying to forge these connections, and the opportunities that can present themselves through a mutual desire for collaboration.

We also hear about how opportunities such as the GeneratER open innovation challenge program and showcasing capabilities at a conference such as APPEA 2021 can create invaluable connections for SMEs. Finally, we have an important discussion about CODA, the NDRI and crucial role that collaboration plays in decommissioning.

Finally, we hear a part of Dr Milton Love's keynote presentation at the NDRI Science Symposium held in June 2021.

30: Capturing the excitement of AOG Energy 2021

Recorded amongst the buzz of AOG Energy in March, this episode discusses the official launch of the Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) with Andrew Taylor, NERA GM Decommissioning, the growing hydrogen technology cluster network with Miranda Taylor, NERA CEO, and, following on from our previous episode on future skills, the value of AOG Energy and similar expos with Brian Haggerty, 2021 Engineers Australia WA Division President, and a number of young engineers.

29: Meeting the energy sector’s future skills needs

With guests Lina Velosa, Lab61, Dave and Harry Nesbit, EDG, and Iain Burnett, Chevron Australia, this episode explores how the skills and training needs of the energy resources sector of the future compares to today and indeed the past. We speak to some industry leaders to hear what they are doing to prepare the future workforce to meet these needs.

28: Pam Melroy, AROSE (Australian Remote operations and robotics for Space and Earth)

27: Dr Alan Finkel AO, Chief Scientist of Australia

26: Matthew Warren, author of 'Blackout'

25: Dr Liz Dallimore, WA Data Science Innovation Hub

24: Mariano Iannuzzi, Director of the Curtin Corrosion Centre

23: Tania Walter, Founder and CEO of Obzervr

22: Professor Peta Ashworth, University of Queensland

21: Professor Peter Klinken AC, Chief Scientist of WA

20: Paul Callaghan, Founder and Managing Director of OLEOLOGY

19: Alfonso Reyes, Petroleum engineering data scientist

18: Lee Thompson and John Trent, General Manager and Senior Operations Manager and Cape

17: Mary Turonek and Carol Kane, Patent Attorneys with FB Rice

16: Ross Hutton and Andrew Heseltine, Exploration Drill Rigs (XDR)

15: Vegard and Helene Frihammer, Global new energy explorers

14: Professor Eric May, UWA

13: Tom Goerke, Cisco Lead, Innovation Central Australia

12: Adriana Botto, Principal Engineer Subsea Integrity at Wood

11: Nikki Cheesman-Dutton, CEO of CD Power

10: Erica Smyth AC, Women's Day Special — Career reflections

9: Ross Waring and Ray Farrier, Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia (SICA)

8: Professor Zach Aman, Associate Professor at UWA

7: Matthew Allen, CEO of Subcon

6: Erik Nijveld, Managing Director of Deployment Matters

5: Julia Huynh, Khoi Phan Dang and Andrea Yee, Co-founders of Modulr Tech

4: Mike Mansell, CEO of IAS Group

3: Shaun Moore, Co-founder and Managing Director of ECLIPS Engineering

2: Alistair Swanson, Australian managing director of Flicq

1: Miranda Taylor, NERA CEO