NERA's Project Fund

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NERA identifies, develops, connects, facilitates and supports collaborative projects to maximise the value of Australia’s energy resources sector. NERA funds these industry-led initiatives from a project fund of $15.6 million to achieve the strategic objectives outlined in our Sector Competitiveness Plan, which highlights a 10-year strategic roadmap for Australia’s oil, gas, coal and uranium industries and value chains.

Projects that receive NERA funding are selected to deliver results on a national scale and have sector-wide impact, assisting the sector to unlock a potential $10 billion in value that NERA has identified.

We welcome project proposals for industry-led, collaborative projects that demonstrate innovative solutions with the aim of enhancing productivity, competitiveness and long-term sustainability of Australia's energy resources sector.

It is highly recommended that applicants refer to the Energy Resources Sector Competitiveness Plan when submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the NERA project fund.

To find out more about the project fund and how to submit a project proposal reach out to our team at

$2 million Future Technology Project Fund — NOW CLOSED.

For more information about the fund, click here for FAQs and here for EOI guidelines.