Creating Global Pathways

Industry: Oil and gas

Knowledge Priority: Develop new linkages and connections to international markets

State: National program

About the Project

To maintain growth and competitiveness, successful businesses must tap into new opportunities. For many firms in the energy resources sector, this means penetrating complex global supply chains in international markets. Despite this, stakeholder research has shown Australian small businesses are not always well prepared for international business engagement, including at international conferences and events.

Recognising this, NERA's international engagement program is designed to identify pathways to global commerce for Australian small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and work with individual business representatives to ensure they are equipped and supported to optimise their experience in an international context.

In 2018, NERA is leading the Smart Australia: Take Local Global Program at Gastech 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. As an example of the international engagement program in action, Smart Australia delivers a customised workshop and bespoke mentoring experience that will enable participants to identify in-market opportunities, scope relevant commercial and financial strategies and equip participants with the skills, language and tools required to translate these into tangible commercial outcomes. It is designed to help open doors and make introductions, providing Australian entrepreneurs and innovative companies with the opportunity to identify, access and accelerate international growth prospects.

Project Impact

NERA's international engagement program will support and showcase Australian SMEs across diverse global marketplaces to develop and enhance the international engagement and export potential of local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Project Funding

Total Project Cost: $400,000 over 3 years

NERA: $200,000

Industry: $200,000

* Funding excludes GST

Project Members