Cyclone Tracking Reanalysis

About the Project

The project involves re-analysis of tropical cyclone data in Australia since 1981 to incorporate recent advances in algorithms that extract key information from geostationary satellite data. The data will be used in wind, wave and current modelling and is expected to lead to greater certainty in engineering design of tropical cyclone-related engineering structures.

This project will assist in improving safety for Australia’s infrastructure through better design and response strategies resulting in substantial cost savings. It also provides the opportunity for Australia to be at the forefront of international efforts in tropical cyclone analysis and if this approach is able to be demonstrated as effective in Australia, can be replicated in other basins affected by similar weather patterns around the world.

Project Funding

Total Project Cost: $624,000

NERA: $274,000

Industry: $350,000

* Funding excludes GST

Project Participants