Developing Industry-Leading Hull Cleaning Technology

Industry: Oil and Gas

Knowledge Priority: Commercialise technology and research

State: WA

About the Project

CleanSubsea is a Western Australian-based SME that has developed a revolutionary enclosed capture and containment hull cleaning technology called the Envirocart. This innovative technology effectively removes the costly and time-consuming exercise of dry-docking vessels for hull cleaning. Instead, the Envirocart provides a viable, regular, in-water cleaning maintenance protocol that significantly reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions in the maritime sector related to dry-dock hull cleaning.

NERA's support is helping CleanSubsea to develop and install a substantial improvement to the Envirocart by integrating image recognition and artificial intelligence technology into the system to boost its application and service offering throughout the global oil and gas marketplace.

Project Impact

This project will further develop Envirocart to integrate both image recognition and artificial intelligence to automate the detection of Invasive Marine Species (IMS) and vessel defects. The Envirocart will enable more frequent cleaning, at lower cost and without the operational disruption and high cost of dry docking. The project aims to deliver:

  • Reduced overall operational costs by enabling simultaneous in-water infrastructure cleans and inspections to assist with class survey;
  • Increased operational efficiency by enabling simultaneous in-water infrastructure clean and inspection/class survey in most sea states and weather conditions;
  • Reduced risk of water contamination and translocation of IMS; and
  • Reduced need for vessel dry docking and improved vessel fuel efficiency by enabling regular, lower cost, cleaning of bio-fouling.

Through the project's development, CleanSubSea's technology will support the Australian oil and gas sector, reduce the cost of cleaning and inspection of sub-sea infrastructure, improve productivity, reduce risk and support a more competitive industry.

Project Funding

Total Project Cost: $1,050,000

NERA: $500,000

Industry: $550,000

*Funding excludes GST

Project Timeframe

Current Status: The project has commenced

Start: September 2018

End: June 2020

Foundation Partners

Key Milestones

  • Project commenced