Industry: Oil and Gas

Knowledge Priority: Build talent and enable effective collaboration and innovation

State Coverage: Australia Wide

About the Project

Nureka is an open source platform, providing both innovation and collaboration capability within a single structure, for users across the entire oil and gas ecosystem. Nureka is a collaboration between NERA and Eureka Platform Pty Ltd.

The objective of Nureka is to facilitate innovation through collaboration within the energy resources sector in order to enhance competitiveness, increase productivity and facilitate export growth, through:

  • The collaboration function - which generates ideas, connections, and opportunities for organisations involved in the energy sector and individuals to engage, communicate, exchange and work together; and
  • The (linked) innovation function - which provides a matching capability enhancing the opportunity to facilitate challenges and solutions, support innovation and research and encourage investment and enable commercial transactions and contracts between users.

Nureka Platform

Project Impact

Nureka will enable NERA to promote and facilitate the initiatives outlined in its Sector Competitiveness Plan to a wide range of industry stakeholders across Australia and the world.Key benefits of the platform are:

  • Cross industry collaboration
  • Optimisation of R&D processes
  • Access to a global community of innovators and a wide range of new technologies and solutions

Project Timeframe

Current Status: Contracts are currently being finalised

Start: May 2017

End: June 2020

Project Members

  • NERA
  • Eureka Pty Ltd

Key Milestones

  • Joint Venture
  • Concept launched at AOG 2018
  • Go live June 2018