Solar Power Generation for energy resources sector

Industry: .Oil and Gas

Knowledge Priority: .Pursue a sustainable and low carbon energy future

State: .QLD

About the Project

This project will successfully integrate solar, battery storage and gas generation technologies to create a reliable, low carbon and economical alternative power supply for CSG wellsites.

The hybrid power solution created by this project will reduce the carbon footprint and noise emissions at wellsites by combining three key elements:

1. Generator 40KVa with gas fuelled reciprocating engine

2. Synchronising switchboard with dual power input

3. Solar battery hybrid container

This solar hybrid package would deliver a nominal 8kW of power from either the solar and battery power supply and up to 32kW from the gas generator for potential high load situations. The hybrid site installation is arranged so that the generator will plug into the solar hybrid container and the container then connects to the Wellsite Electrical Skid.

Project Impact

This project has the potential to lead to further adoption and integration of low carbon power generation across the CSG industry. During the initial 12 month trial, expected outcomes include:

1. 40-50% reduction in generator operating hours and maintenance costs.

2. 25-40% increase in service life of generation equipment

3. 40-60% lower system use gas

4. Field capacity increase due to higher power availability

5. Increase in wellsite power availability by 2 - 3%

6. Lower carbon emissions

7. Lower noise emissions

8. Improved flexibility with generator maintenance

Project Funding

  • Total Project Cost: $290,000
    • NERA funding: $140,000
    • Industry: $150,000

*Funding excludes GST.

Project Timeframe

Current Status: Contract signed, and project commenced

Start: February 2018

End: May 2020

Project Participants