The Jundah Project - Unlocking Australia's resources base

Industry: .Oil and Gas

Knowledge Priority: . Understand and unlock Australia's resources base

State: . QLD

About the Project

The Jundah Project - unlocking the Toolebuc Formation - seeks to prove the petroleum production potential of the highly prospective Toolebuc Formation.

Located within the Eromanga Basin of southwest Queensland, the shale formation has the potential to be a long-term key contributor to the east coast energy market.

A collaboration between Bridgeport Energy, Geological Survey of Queensland and the University of Queensland, the project will integrate existing and modern analytical methods and technologies which have not previously been utilised for evaluating the formation.

Project Impact

The Toolebuc Formation has the potential to supply natural gas to the east coast domestic market, helping to address energy security priorities. Key project deliverables are:

  • Improved understanding of the formation and the mechanisms that underpin petroleum release.
  • Volume estimation of unconventional shale reservoirs.
  • Delineation and characterisation the Toolebuc Formation shale play through the development of a regional basin and petroleum systems model.

Project Funding

  • Total Project Cost:$545,000
    • NERA Funding: $272,500
    • Industry: $272,500

*Funding excludes GST.

Project Timeframe

Current Status: contracts signed and project has commenced.

Start: May 2018

Finish: April 2020

Project Members