NERA's SME ConnectER

at AOG 2020

NERA’s SME ConnectER is a facilitated event held each year at the Australasian Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition (AOG). Its purpose is to connect SMEs with innovative technologies and a genuine value proposition to champions from oil and gas operators and contractors.

SME ConnectER 2020 builds on earlier events at AOG 2018 and 2019, which saw over 20 SMEs pitch their innovations to representatives from Chevron, Woodside, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Quadrant Energy, Upstream Production Solutions, Worley Parsons, Downer and Monadelphous.

The program assists SMEs from across the oil and gas supply chain to better connect, collaborate and innovate by giving them the opportunity for an initial meeting and a potential introduction to the most suitable person(s) within the organisation to further that discussion at a later date.

AOG 2020 runs from March 11-13 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, and NERA's SME ConnectER events will be held on 11th and 12th March. Find out more about NERA's full list of activities at AOG 2020 here.

What is SME ConnectER?

NERA’s SME ConnectER program provides the opportunity at AOG for small and large companies in the oil and gas supply chain to connect and potentially explore innovator partnerships. For entrepreneurs and SMEs it provides a Pod for a day in the NERA Technology Station to showcase their solutions/innovation to operators and contractors in the supply chain. For operators and contractors they can quickly and easily gain exposure to capability and innovation, and better understand SME solutions.

Event details

Two SME ConnectER events (with 16 SMEs each day) will be held at NERA's Technology Station (see floor plan below) at the Perth Conference & Exhibition & Centre.

  • Wednesday 11 March 2020
  • Thursday 12 March 2020
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Pre-SME ConnectER Masterclass

To support SMEs at AOG, NERA provides a customised masterclass (or the option of 1:1 mentoring for those outside of Perth) to help them prepare and get the most out of this opportunity at AOG. The masterclass builds SME business propositions and pitches, and delivers useful advice on how to prepare and maximise conference attendance.

Exhibitor pod for one day at NERA’s Technology Station

SMEs who are selected to participate in the SME ConnectER program have an exhibitor pod for one day in NERA’s Technology Station. The pods are an integral part of the SME ConnectER program and are a great forum to showcase SMEs and their technologies to the 8,000+ delegates that AOG attracts each year.

Post-SME ConnectER networking event

At the conclusion of the SME ConnectER meetings (by 4.00 pm), all participants are invited to stay on for an hour of networking drinks and canapés in NERA's Technology Station with other AOG delegates and guests.


If you have any questions regarding the program or the application process that are not covered here, please contact NERA at or 1300 589 310.