Meet Chironix's Managing Director Daniel Milford

28 September 2018

Tell us about your role at Chironix and what the company does.

I am the Managing Director of Chironix.

Chironix is a Machine Learning and Data Engineering services company, supported by two product verticals in Robotics and wearables.

Our Machine Learning and Data Engineering team provides consultancy services to our client base. We have accumulated a very talented, capable and experienced team, with significant expertise in delivering effective solutions to our clients. This forms a core capability from which our product arms interact.

Augmenting this centralised capability are two product verticals: Robotics and wearables.

Our Robotics capability is focussed on autonomous field robotics, where we are partnered with world leading companies such as Clearpath Robotics among others. Our Robots perform tasks that either humans should not be doing (as we do not do them well), or roles which are dangerous to humans. The application of systems are supported by our expertise in computer vision and manual manipulation.

Our final vertical is in wearables, where we are partnered with Google X as a foundation partner with Glass for Enterprise — the new Google Glass. We are working with X to develop highly capable applications for Glass which provide our client base with workplace enhancements in efficiency, reporting, situational awareness and telecommunications support. We also assist with the promotion of the product up into Asia, coupled with our applications.

We are proud of our partnerships and associations, and keenly look forward to our association with CORE supported by NERA.

How did you first get involved in the energy resources industry?

Over the last years, some team members and I have had a close association with the Oil and Gas industry, providing services on the floor of companies in our area of Robotics and Data Engineering/Machine Learning. It was through this experience that we came to understand the sophistication of the industry and the need to continually improve and evolve, and we saw this as a real opportunity for growth, particularly as the resources/mining sector tends to mimic the development in the energy sector. 

Congratulations on receiving the CORE Start Award. What will this mean for you and your business?

This award will allow us to be within arms reach of our core client base on a daily basis. We currently have offices in Bayswater and Joondalup, but having a city presence will finally provide us with the proximity to our client base that we have been seeking. In addition, the community that CORE has developed is of significant importance to us. Being able to tap into an operating professional community that wants to learn more about what new technologies are available and how they can be applied to their industry is really important. We are hoping that our time at CORE will result in significant growth of Chironix with the number of clients that we are serving, and an enhancement of our offerings and solutions.

How important are co-working and collaboration for your business?

The basis of Chironix is achieved through bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to service a client, including software engineers, roboticists, data engineers, and our business development and corporate teams. Hence, collaboration is at the core of our being. Being able to broaden out within the CORE community and collaborate with other companies on site will improve our ability to offer the right products to our clients with scale.

What do the coming 12 months look like for Chironix?


The last year has seen Chironix invest in its corporate development, partnerships, and team development. This investment has now paid off, with a talented team now involved in Chironix, supported by a company apparatus developed to assist us to successfully engage with our clients.

We now look forward to the next 12 months of client engagement, partnering with our client base to deliver them with tangible solutions and ready access to expertise in Robotics, machine learning, data engineer and wearables.